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    Non-personalized results from mobile searches on your phone

    Can't say I've "gone that far" (driving around) but give Firefox Focus a shot. I use on Android for GP and it seems to work well for anonymous anything. HTH
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    Is this the same as Regus? In other words, would this be subject to a GMB De-listing? TIA!
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    Review not intended for our company. How to deal with it?

    Without seeing the review, if you believe it is for the wrong company advise the reviewer that you believe it is incorrect, *however* if they are sure it is your company and are still unsatisfied advise them you will offer them a 100% refund if they contact your office and provide details of...
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    Share your favorite free Local SEO tools

    It does take a "few minutes" for location change to take affect. Experience has been about 10 minutes or so, to change location so not the fastest tool for a lot of locations but seems pretty accurate.
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    Share your favorite free Local SEO tools

    For location based SERP testing --> "SEO Location Emulator" (Chrome Extension) - just found and started using this a couple of days ago. It takes a few minutes to change location but so far, so *very* good. (y)
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    Join Smart Guy? Anybody heard of this site?

    Excellent. Thanks for both replies @djbaxter mirrored my thoughts but I did not want to "prejudice" answer(s). Thanks!
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    Join Smart Guy? Anybody heard of this site?

    Ct asked about this, never heard of it before. CDN? Spinner? Or legit?
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    GatherUp Schema Code

    This is so stabbing in the dark - but what if you put the DNI code into GTM and play with when the tag fires (DOM Ready, Page View, ...)? So that after the GatherUp widget info has returned the data (ph#) the DNI code fires and looks for the number to replace?
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    Yelp Ad Reps Overly Agressive

    +1 to everything above. Grrr!
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    Facebook business call support?

    Just checking in to see if anyone has come up with a consistent way to contact FB support - maybe even *gasp* a phone number? o_O
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    Bright Local Lead Gen Tool

    RE: Traffic - Ditto on traffic! Do use the BL widget and it has produced some quality leads (of which some have converted). You get 20 leads per month (I think) with about any paid plan. Haven't went over the limit on that yet but the widget is easy to configure and install.
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    Thoughts on Internal Linking Styles

    Tim, I'm on SF but always open to better tools. Can't do both and renewal for SF is due this month. Do you happen to have a list of the gaps between SF and SB?
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    Best PPC Tools to use?

    Not sure what #5 is but let me ad(d) adalysis to your list. My $.02: 1. Optymizer has a few nice features I like - I like that you can create a customized workflow and if you are inclined create SKAGs on the fly. 2. Wordstream's 20-minute work-week is nice for some quick account...
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    Google Switching Phone Numbers in GMB Listing

    Ditto. Three times for one client with last occurring two days ago.
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    BBB Review Product - Any Experience with this?

    Thanks, Joy. We use GFS as a review gathering platform which seems to suffice and is certainly less than BBB wants. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything. Glad you chimed in - first thing I thought of when I got his email was your swimming pool experience :eek:
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    BBB Review Product - Any Experience with this?

    Have a client who is an BBB 'accredited business' aka they paid the BBB fee who rec'd the solicitation below. We already collect reviews for them that go to Google, some industry specific sites and we were collecting FB reviews until recently. Is there any value here or reason to consider...
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    Google Switching Phone Numbers in GMB Listing

    FWIW, I think it's Google making the changes (or one nefarious and organized competitor). I am responsible for multiple sites and received notifications for at least 3 this am that numbers have been changed. Still undecided about whether to flip them 'back' or leave Google edits....
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    Invoicing Service

    If it's worth $30 a month and an hour you can use Xero to creating repeating invoices that do not get mailed - then enter payment info. I suspect you could use Zapier to trigger that and email receipt but haven't done that.
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    JSON Schema

    Just checked out the JSON formatting - excellent! And the Lat/Long locator is a nice touch :)
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    Home Improvement Scheduling (For Conversion)

    Not trying to push vCita - and it may be overkill for just scheduling, However, it works fine with GA and supports some basic integration with my fave: Zapier.