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  1. mqs1000

    Ranking a new business in the local results

    Is there anything I am missing in my to-do list when trying to rank a new business on the local results? Here is my list below: 1) Optimize the website for local SEO using every SEO checklist I can find on the Internet and making sure I do everything. For Wordpress websites I also download the...
  2. mqs1000

    1 Website for 2 Offices?

    A friend of mine has two dental offices which are located in two separate cities in the same state in the United States only about 10 minutes apart from each other. For each office, he has two separate Google+ pages but uses one website for both of them. The name of both offices/businesses are...
  3. mqs1000

    Are people more likely to click on a local result or an organic result?

    I've heard two conflicting cases from two different people. One said that they were on the first page organically and barely getting and traffic. They said once they were transferred onto the local 7 pack, they started getting a ton of phone calls. The other guy said the complete opposite. I'm...
  4. mqs1000

    Is Yext / Yahoo Localworks messing up my local ranking?

    I paid for Yahoo Localworks which is partnered with Yext to fix all my citations and get them consistent. Today I noticed that the link to my website on all of my listings isn't a direct link to my website. It is a Yext URL that redirects to my website (in order for Yext to track how many times...