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  1. Jorge Launch

    HUGE NEWS! Phone Support for Google Local DATA Problems Just Launched

    Google+ is going to be a product that Google is going to want people to use and if there is no other way than digging through forums to figure something out, people wouldn't use it. I'm happy about this.:)
  2. Jorge Launch

    Massive Google Review Problems Continue - Support Replies

    Well I have many of my clients that are putting a great effort on getting legit reviews(auto industry) They are complaining that the reviews are up there for a day or so and then they are gone. I have had a couple of clients that have just been fed-up with the process and are abandoning the...
  3. Jorge Launch

    Merged and Verified Google+ Local Page - Unhooked and Unmerged?

    I was worried something like this would happen and I was waiting for reports of this come out. One of my main questions/concerns was that if the listing was verified using two different logins meaning two different email addresses have claimed the listing what would happen if one of the accounts...