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  1. iFuse

    Hiring a Local Paid Search Manager

    My agency is looking for someone well versed in running paid ad campaigns primarily on Google along with building out retargeting campaigns on Facebook. Please email me directly if you know someone or you are interested - Thanks!
  2. iFuse

    Client Drops Bomb

    Thanks! Business name will change but address and ownership will stay the same as well as the services, staff, etc.
  3. iFuse

    Client Drops Bomb

    Hi all, have a client that just let us know that they are re-branding and will want to change their URL. It's been a while since I have done this, what's the best way to go about this and are we basically starting all over SEO wise? Thanks!
  4. iFuse

    Geo-tagging Photos - Worth It?

    Ok, so what if you geo tagged the images with NAP and then pushed them out to Web 2.0's. etc. Would this in a sense help with building citations?
  5. iFuse

    Doctor vs. Practice Listings

    Thanks Colin, and great to chat with you again. I think that @JoyHawkins once told me that to do a hybrid type listing it really should be just a single practitioner office and to name it something like ABC Dental - Dr. Test Testing, does that sound right?
  6. iFuse

    Doctor vs. Practice Listings

    Currently we only really focus on the practice's citations/listings, is this a mistake? Should we be trying to track down all of these doc listings to ensure the NAP matches? Thanks!
  7. iFuse

    Geo-tagging Photos - Worth It?

    Am I wasting my time by geo-tagging photos with location and NAP info for the GMB profile? Seems like it strips the EXIF data out when I do it anyway? Thanks!
  8. iFuse

    Hiring A Project Manager For Our Agency!

    This is a remote based position, click the link for details and to apply. Hit me up with any questions. You can learn more about KickStart Dental Marketing on our website. Thanks! Digital Agency Project Manager - Work Remotely - Denver, CO -
  9. iFuse

    4-Star Fake Review Issue - Over 2.3 Million Fake Ratings on Google

    Still showing 7 fakes on my profile - KickStart Dental Marketing, but several have dropped off.
  10. iFuse

    Call Tracking & Local Search

    Hi all, I know this topic has been discussed more than once, but I am trying to figure out a way to get credit for more calls when using call tracking. As of now we use DNI through CallRail, and it does a great job of tracking calls once the prospect goes to the clients website, however we lose...
  11. iFuse

    Discussion: How Do You Choose Which Keywords to Target on the Homepage?

    Great question! I am always afraid that if you try to optimize more than 1 page for a specific keyword that Google may get confused or one page may lose authority. We do a lot of blogging for SEO clients, and this question fits that as well. When we optimize the blog post, do we optimize for a...
  12. iFuse

    Another New Local 3 Pack Click Through / Heat Map Study - Mike Ramsey

    What I see more than anything is the increasing need to ensure your client/business is diverse in its online marketing strategy. If you have all of your marketing dollars and new client strategy only on GMB rankings, then you may be in trouble. You really need a good blend of SEO, PPC, Social...
  13. iFuse

    Duplicate Content Question

    Hi all, I have a question for you regarding duplicate content on websites. I know it's bad, but how does Google figure out what is what? I have found a competitor to my client that has copied our content word for word on their services pages on their website. Who does google penalize for this...
  14. iFuse

    Scratch that Niche! Focus on a Niche for Local Search Success

    Great stuff Linda! I may have to "borrow" some of Justin's language in his elevator pitch! My agency was taking on all types of clients for about the first 5 years and it worked, but it just seemed like we were reinventing the marketing wheel every time we took on a new industry. It was hard to...
  15. iFuse

    Major Google Local Algo Changes - No it was a BUG, Now Fixed

    I am not seeing the same discrepancy when I change in search tools to Dallas. Also wondering how using a IP changing software would work, an IP in the local city. ---------- Post Merged at 01:50 PM ---------- Previous Post was at 01:48 PM ---------- Here is my Dallas search...
  16. iFuse

    What reporting tools are you using?

    You should check out Swydo, they are about as robust as I have seen.
  17. iFuse

    Local Marketing Summit?

    Anybody going to this event this week in Phoenix?
  18. iFuse

    Major Google Local Algo Update - Google "Pigeon" Update Shakes it Up!

    Yes, we are seeing the same thing. Kind of cool, hoping it sticks!
  19. iFuse

    Major Google Local Algo Update - Google "Pigeon" Update Shakes it Up!

    Hearing rumblings of a 7-pack decline of 60%.... Seriously considering just going the ppc route, sure seems a lot easier!
  20. iFuse

    Yext Duplicate Listing Suppression Service

    Thought I would share this, talks about the different kinds of suppressions and how different publishers handle them.