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  1. jtweav

    Blog vs Location Pages. Build Out Blog or Location Pages First?

    Hey again Dave. I have also wondered when you have the resources to write where the most return on your investment comes from.
  2. jtweav

    Companies Offering review Services

    Hey thanks. I guess some things are lost when you just read the slides. Darren sorry to make you look like villain. I think it's clear the review sites want natural reviews and it seems to me the referring url will be used by filters in the future.
  3. jtweav

    Companies Offering review Services

    Jon cool, cool and more cool. I'm sure you could skip the web scrape or api interface with 3rd party sites but the alternative of have someone manually check the sites is even worse. I look forward to your study results.
  4. jtweav

    Companies Offering review Services

    Thanks Phil. I've actually never used the card approach and will try in the future.
  5. jtweav

    Companies Offering review Services

    Jon thanks for chiming in. Your system does sound cool. But it's all based on sending them to a webpage on This helps you pick which review sites to show based on which ones have no recent activity, yes? Very scalable. It would be interesting to have a study done about if emailing a...
  6. jtweav

    Companies Offering review Services

    K, Look forward to seeing it in action and or as a service like get5stars online. I guess I'm having trouble conceptualizing it unless its a kiosk or ipad app.
  7. jtweav

    Companies Offering review Services

    So your short answer is you teach the company to collect emails and email every customer. You may or may not send them to a page on a website and if they say they had a good experience you then ask them to copy and past on the review website. You directly intercept the bad experiences taking it...
  8. jtweav

    4 Reviews Gets You Stars Now on Google+ Local?

    If authorship will show for someone with only 5 people in their circles I don't think it matters much yet up hey what do I know. I predict it will matter a lot in the future.
  9. jtweav

    Big List Citation Building Strategies

    Yah I couldn't leave a comment either. Good post though.
  10. jtweav

    Keyword Non-Provided Analysis

    My friends at Get Found First have been doing some interesting keyword intent mapping experiments. However they haven't published any of their findings yet. If you ever need PPC they have done me some huge help. Be sides that I don't have a tool but here are 7 things I plan on using...
  11. jtweav

    Big List Citation Building Strategies

    It's kind of crazy but real businesses put up job posts. Great place to put your N.A.P. information too.
  12. jtweav

    Companies Offering review Services sounds like they are trying to help you own the conversation about your brand reviews searches. IE "skull candy reviews". I think with ecommerce it's better to use something like see it in action here: Intex Mariner 4 Inflatable Boat (Sold Here) For...
  13. jtweav

    4 Reviews Gets You Stars Now on Google+ Local?

    Not sure. I was just happy when it got down to 5. I've had one of my partner clients at 4 for the last 2 weeks now and he hasn't started showing with stars yet. Hey and while you are talking about reviews here is fun story about fake review justice in action: Faking Reviews? You Could Get...
  14. jtweav

    One more that plummeted!

    My friend Mike might be a good guy to follow when doing law: NiftyLaw: Online Marketing and SEO Blog for Lawyers He stays squeaky clean and has some really good advice. Thanks Linda, I think she gave you a great start to getting rankings back.
  15. jtweav

    Local SEO Pricing Models

    Honestly you could do both if you were outsourcing parts of your marketing. However I was mainly referring to partnering with the business owner on a per lead or pay per performance basis. I'm not the only one who does this however I'm not afraid to say I do so. My ongoing work is a little...
  16. jtweav

    How Do You Outsource White Hat SEO?

    AM Linda great point. Link/citation building the old way might quickly devalue a site. I would vet my potential SEO partner thoroughly before sending clients their way especially for link building. Asking for what they do and speaking to a reference or two. There are even some cool tools to see...
  17. jtweav

    Just Say No to Bad Local SEO Clients - Let them Walk!

    I would never send them packing without building value, showing results over time with similar clients. Then offer to do all the same work just as little at a time as their budget permits. Same amazing work just more spread out. Then most people will just invest in good marketing rather then...
  18. jtweav

    Jumpstart Your Local Search Consulting Business

    Speaking at events even non web related meetups. Always give away free tips and tricks and the right guys will come and say I don't want to do this alone.
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    Local SEO Pricing Models

    All I do it partner with the company paid on a per job or lead basis with the promise of a dedicated budget and access to resources. Then as long as you have history on your side your're confident that you are not going to lose money. I make money in 3 months typically. And I can speak from...
  20. jtweav

    Local results

    If you got your on page done like those without over optimization I have found that you tend to just need a higher domain authority. Once you have that older keywords like plumbers Toronto will start working better for you: How To Do Onpage Optimization for Local SEO – The “Perfectly Optimized...