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  1. Amber Robinson

    Service Road vs Highway as Street name

    So I've run into a new situation today. My client sent me the following addresses, at different times, for a new location. Here are the addresses: 23906 Highway 59 N. Kingwood, TX 77339 23906 Eastex Freeway Service Rd Kingwood, TX 77339 The Eastex Freeway is a variation for US Highway 59...
  2. Amber Robinson

    How I got my clients proper GMB in the Local Pack

    I am hoping by sharing my situation with a clients GMB local situation we can find something of value from the outcome. The Client is Poli Mortgage Group, Inc. in Canton, MA. Here is a look at the Local Pack when before I began the GMB Audit - The GMB page in postition A is an unverified...
  3. Amber Robinson

    Refining the Process of gathering Local information

    Hi All, I wanted to get some opinions/advice/suggestions on a form I've been working on to improve the process of gathering all business information for a Local Business. I referred to Casey Meraz's "How to Perform the Ultimate Local SEO Audit" for a majority of the form. In the past I have...
  4. Amber Robinson

    Google's Insights getting more insightful

    So I am more than likely not sharing breaking news but I just realized that Insights can get more specific:o Still miss the queries but this is pretty neat, too!
  5. Amber Robinson

    I reported a Spammy Pigeon listing and this is what happened

    This was my first time reporting a spammy listing but I am 99% sure it deserves it. Heres how it went 1.) Clicked "Send Feedback" at the bottom of the page and submitted my feedback 2.) You get to highlight the area relevant to your feedback 3.) So I did! 4.) Clicked next and this...
  6. Amber Robinson

    What are traditional web ranking signals?

    Hi All, When I was thrown into the Local position a couple of years ago it was right around the time that on-page factors began having an impact on Local results. So my question is what are the traditional web search ranking signals that Google says Local search results are tied to now? Are...
  7. Amber Robinson

    Insider Pages listing ranking in the 6-pack

    :confused: Take a look at the result I got when I searched for "Houston Emergency Electrician". Are you seeing a 6-pack, too? AND an InsiderPages listing in position D...
  8. Amber Robinson

    Google drops its 'real name' policy for Google+ - Could Help with Google Reviews

    Sorry, Linda, Idk if this is in the right spot but thought it was interesting that Google no longer had restrictions on what name you can use. ​ <meta property="og:type" content="article"><meta property="og:title" content=""><meta...
  9. Amber Robinson

    New Google Maps URL Structure - Local Penalty Hack?

    David Mihm did some pretty neat Google maps research last week AND shared the wealth in this post on Moz today :D
  10. Amber Robinson

    Single Platform from Constant Contact-

    Hi All, Just a little heads up on a situation we experienced with a Client recently. We noticed the on their local listing. Long story short a client's new assistant was sold on a "mobile website" from Constant Contact without knowing/understanding that they did/do in fact have...
  11. Amber Robinson

    Duplicate listings or duplicate business pages?

    Hey y'all, here is the deal- Unable to edit clients listing bc of the red message in the dash about it being a dupe. Called support and let him know that we were unable to get to the other listing bc it was created years ago by an employee whose email address was no longer active. He...
  12. Amber Robinson

    Google My Business review problems

    In the review section of the new GMB dash it looks as if I have 0 reviews on Google and around the web. The only way I can see the reviews for this listing is when I am on the "About" section of the G+ page. The reviews don't even show up when I click on the "Reviews" tab. It may just be a...
  13. Amber Robinson

    Got too many G+ Pages?

    I don't know if this post has already been shared. I apologize if so. How Do I Merge My Google + Pages? Usually You Can't, Now What? - Local University I have had a few clients that jumped the gun, myself included, and created a G+ business page in attempt to be "social". Now that Google has...
  14. Amber Robinson

    Calling all Designers!

    Hi All, My boss likes to make a joke that when he hired me I couldn't even spell "SEO"....and he is pretty much right. Luckily, he saw potential in me and kept me around (mostly b/c my boss is also my Uncle). So I began my learning by logging on to my uncles SEOmoz account (now Moz) and...
  15. Amber Robinson

    Sharing as an Author vs. Sharing as a Business

    or both? I have come across a few posts that forecast Google potentially giving more weight to social signals in 2014. What do "social signals" look like to Google? The amount of +1's for an individual business page or for a piece of content? The number of circles a G plusser is in or how...
  16. Amber Robinson

    Embedding map on SAB location page

    Linda I apologize ahead of time if I am posting this in the wrong area:confused: Hi All, I wanted to get some feedback on embedding maps on pages for a SAB's location page. I am slowly becoming more involved in the process of on-page local seo and as I have gone through a few of our pages I...
  17. Amber Robinson

    G+ Phone Support changes?

    Hi All, This could have already been addressed but the flu had me out for awhile- Are there changes to G+ Local phone support? Or to the overall G+ Local support process? 2 weeks out makes me feel like I'm 2 years behind in my Google life:confused:
  18. Amber Robinson

    Google Support suggests creating G+ Biz page for my SAB Client

    Hi All, About a week ago I finally turned to Google Local's Phone support for assistance with a listing that had been "pending review" for over 3 months. I wrote a blog post on the event and would like to see if anyone else has experienced something similar :eek: Why You Can Create a G+...
  19. Amber Robinson

    Express Update - Has this happened to you?

    So, I was attempting to claim a clients listing today but he had an old number listed so I gave Express Update a call to claim it with my Clients new business number. As soon as I mentioned that I was calling to claim my clients listing the woman on the other end tells me that since I was hired...
  20. Amber Robinson

    Map Maker, Hidden Address and Do Not Support

    Ok guys, so it had been a busy couple of weeks acquiring a new client and I have been out of the loop. I received an email today from a client asking about the map on his contact page and why the pin marker had moved. From there I went to MapMaker to see if any edits had been made b/c on...