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    Pricing and Potential

    Hi, I am wondering how you come up with a price for a client for ranking a local business in the organic searches when it comes to smaller cities/towns where competition is less? For example when it is a larger city and a more competitive term; forumulating a price is easier. For example if...
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    New and Had Some Questions

    Any type of SEO is essentially gaming google. If you build any links you are violating google. The entire concept of hiring anyone to do SEO is gaming google. Im not even deliberately trying to game google, but in order to make a page that hosts more than one doctors info I would have to have...
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    New and Had Some Questions

    Hi, I have never done Local SEO before but the concept seems pretty straight forward to me. I actually built a tester site a while ago that was intended to be a rental page and just left it. Currently it is ranking pages 2-4 for variations of intented queries with only 1 link pointing at it...