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  1. JoyHawkins

    Too many landing pages?

    It's likely a lot of the pages are getting filtered. You can confirm this by checking a few and seeing which pages are filtered by following the steps outlined in this article.
  2. JoyHawkins

    ADA compliance lawsuit

    Virtual tours aren't allowed on websites to be compliant? I know so many that have their Google photographer tour embedded.
  3. JoyHawkins

    Multi Fake GMB listings. What evidence is best to send to support my case(s) in redressal form?

    Businesses aren't even allowed to have multiple SAB listings so you should have no issues getting them removed unless it's a franchise. I'd submit them all on the same form when you submit the Redressal Form.
  4. JoyHawkins

    Heads Up - Exact Match on Cities no longer exact.

    Wait so you're saying hypothetically if you were to put [dog boarding dallas] in your account it would show up for a search on Google for "dog boarding arlington tx"?
  5. JoyHawkins

    Internal Linking - Do Main Menu Links Count?

    I have found that Google often ignores links in the menu so I'd suggest linking to valuable content (content you want ranked) in the main body text on the page.
  6. JoyHawkins

    Google My Business Suspensions Are Causing Reviews to Vanish

    @jonwin - I'd suggest you hire a Google photographer to do a 360 video of your office. It will likely help prevent future suspensions.
  7. JoyHawkins

    GMB Logo/Cover Not Showing Up

    Hey John, I actually just added this to my guide this week. There are 2 bugs currently with photos that keep them from showing. First, make sure they are at least 720x720 pixels. If they are and still aren't showing, contact GMB support. They can manually process the photos for you and get...
  8. JoyHawkins

    Let's talk software. What do you use/recommend?

    For ranking we use LocalFalcon, BrightLocal and we're testing Places Scout at the moment. For keyword research we use Keywords Everywhere (Chrome extension). For backlinks we use Ahrefs and Moz. For GMB we use CitationBuilderPro to schedule posts in advance. For PPC stuff, we use SEMRush.
  9. JoyHawkins

    Google Maps Merger Tool PSA

    Good to know. Hopefully not down for long.
  10. JoyHawkins

    Google My Business Suspensions Are Causing Reviews to Vanish

    I heard back from Google yesterday that this issue should be resolved.
  11. JoyHawkins

    What are your Top 5 suggestions?

    Our average client has at least 50-100 pages on their site so we generally never run out of things to do. Even if we got through every single page that would generally be when we started looking for new content ideas based on what was performing well for competitors. We also test stuff like...
  12. JoyHawkins

    New 3-Pack Format With a Green Pin?

    @Scott Rawlins do you mind adding a screenshot?
  13. JoyHawkins

    I Had Supposed SEO GURU Say I Was Messing Up His Clients SEO Work.

    So you're referring to GMB listings? Or are you referring to organic results? If you are referring to local results (so GMB listings), it's definitely possible that one is filtering the other. It's impossible to say without looking at it. If you can PM me both sites/listings and also what...
  14. JoyHawkins

    Google forums moving to new platform - save your old content

    No, I don't believe there is a way to do that.
  15. JoyHawkins

    New 3-Pack Format With a Green Pin?

    I saw this format today for a bunch of self storage queries. It shows a green pin on the map for the 3-pack ad and it also has an A-D labelling on the left. Anyone else seeing this?
  16. JoyHawkins

    Google forums moving to new platform - save your old content

    Google changes forum software every few years and they never keep the old posts. It's kind of crazy given the information that's lost. I haven't bothered to download my stuff because I have way too much and you can't move it to the new platform, it just allows you to have all the data locally...
  17. JoyHawkins

    LocalU Advanced - Denver, CO - Sept 19, 2019

    I wanted to make sure you all knew that there is going to be another LocalU Advanced event this year! It will be in Denver, CO at University of Denver's Craig Hall and currently the Pre-Agenda pricing is only $599 (reg price is $949). They haven't released the full agenda yet, but you can...
  18. JoyHawkins

    New Feature: Manually Add "Located In" to a GMB Listing

    I have an ongoing case study that I'm looking at that looks at this. It's pretty in-depth so it's taking me a while to get through.
  19. JoyHawkins

    GMB Q&A's only populating a few of the Q&A's that the business has posted

    I'm not seeing anything specific about that example that would make it get filtered.
  20. JoyHawkins

    GMB Insights Reporting Bug?

    I'm seeing May 11th zero out as well. I'm also seeing no data from the last week if you switch to weekly under the actions section.