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    Google Guaranteed and Voice Search and Local ads

    Here is another article from Greg Sterling (from the 15th) on the subject, that has a link to signup to become verified. How to appear in local services listings in Google Assistant and Google Home - Search Engine Land
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    Does anyone recognize this Report format?

    Yeah, I hate the report. . . but, was wondering if I could reverse engineer where the report came from. I'd like throw it all in the garbage but, I have to present an audit tomorrow. . .
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    Does anyone recognize this Report format?

    Hi, I have been asked by an agency to present someone else's site audit - a weird situation, but, the guy they hired finished the audit, and then got a job and can't present it. I want to add to this audit, and make it my own and make changes etc (they missed a lot). . . but want to use as...
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    Google Guaranteed and Voice Search and Local ads

    I did some testing. . . in suburban Cleveland, HVAC and plumbing searches only give Google or HomeAdisor Guaranteed results - at least in the first 5 results. In Suburban Chicago, none of the results I got were guaranteed. I'm not sure if I did the same keyword or not. .. and I need to test...
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    Google Guaranteed and Voice Search and Local ads

    Hi All, This was news from 2 weeks ago, but, I wanted to see if there is any experience with Google Guarantee. . .specifically being a part of the Google Guaranteed program while NOT being apart of the local service ads? I'm slightly confused by this article, as it seems to imply that you need...
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    Personalization in Map Pack?

    Thanks everyone. I lol'd at the "send a screenshot" request, because, yeah, how many times have I seen them say one thing, but, having searched something entirely different. I'm going to go with IP personalization on this one. . . they did get the same result in incognito mode.
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    Personalization in Map Pack?

    Hi Guys, A question. I have a credit union client in a different part of the country. They say that when they do local searches for "Bank <cityname, state>" - they see credit unions listed in the map pack results. When I do a search in that same area with BL's local search tracker, and a...
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    Local business with many domains "Memphis-HVAC" or "memphis-AC" etc.

    I'm resurfacing this thread, because I just another client proudly email with three new domains they bought, and how they want to have a call about building landing pages for these "popular" domains. I really liked that they said that they want to have a strategy for these "popular" domains...
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    A GMB test - URL to home page or to location page - results

    I just updated this test .. . i ran it again. I put half the locations linking to the home page, and half to a location page (40 pages). Again - the same results as the first time. A big drop in traffic for the pages that were linked to the location pages. . . like 40% or so. We also looked...
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    Business with Inconsistent hours

    Hi, I have business that I work with and one of their locations has very inconsistent hours. Open some days, not others. We would like to remove the hours, and have some kind of message "call ahead" (it's walk in service, so not an appointment). I have removed the hours altogether, yet...
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    Great blogs that don't convert

    Rich, I welcome this debate, even though we have had it a few times before. It's a good debate. I think the blog articles that you describe (strictly traffic, no business value), have almost no SEO value whatsoever. If you get a stray linkback to the article, then maybe, but, the odds of...
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    A hypothetical: A famous local business gets it's very first website

    This is truly hypothetical, just helping me with my thoughts on how that map section works and how it relates to links (funny that it is so believable though! - you can almost see the restaurant in you mind - I was actually thinking of Corky's Barbecue in Memphis, tn, but, they have a website).
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    Weird results for "dispensary near me"

    Ok, interesting: Google is now showing accurate results for this query, as if the bug is fixed. Sadly, my client's profile is not showing up, so something more to work on, but, the results are all now definitely nearby (whereas Seattle was showing up before)
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    What is the difference between 'branded' and 'direct'

    I have his data for customer, and I can't quite get why they say "business name" in Direct, but, also why "branded" sort of implies business name as well. In this case, this company is a local credit union. Any search of the business name IS the brand. . . so, you would think anyone search for...
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    A hypothetical: A famous local business gets it's very first website

    interesting thoughts Phil, especially regarding the GMB ranking. The proximity to the searcher being so important that it makes me wonder a second question: What are the real opportunities with the maps section - if proximity is such an important player (and increasingly, I see pure nobodies...
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    A hypothetical: A famous local business gets it's very first website

    Hi Guys, I wanted to get your thoughts on this hypothetical. Imagine a situation where there is this venerated local business, call it a hamburger joint, that is universally known as the best place in town, and a must see for anyone in that town etc. Presidents eat there, celebs, the whole...
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    Google My Business Bulk - Really backed up????

    Hi All, Has anyone else had issues with the GMB bulk support? Normally they turn things around in a day. I have a few new bulk submissions that were done over a week ago, and they have not responded. Is anyone else seeing this same issue?
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    Task management for teams or to do list?

    For those that use Trello. I use trello to keep track of where this particular client stands in the month. So bucket 1 is "SEO work begun", bucket 2 is "analytics completed", bucket 3 is "report in review" bucket 4 is "ready to send" and then 5 is "report sent". How do you manage individual...
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    After the Foundation is fixed. . . .

    Hi All, In another thread, someone posted that they really don't do any link building, and instead, just focused on fixing the site and all that goes on with that. I think this is very interesting because this is essentially what my company does. This does give me a bit of a quandry about...
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    Weird results for "dispensary near me"

    Thanks Yan! I will give this a try and see what it does. I will let you know what I find.