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  1. Rich Owings

    Schema markup for Orthodontist... Dentist or Physician?

    I would use dentist. But if you'll scroll down a bit in this post by @Phil Rozek, you can see how to add orthodontics using productontology.
  2. Rich Owings

    Phone verification issues for business with extension directories

    @Igor With Apple Maps, you can set it to call an extension for verification. If the company isn't too large, you can have them turn off the automated system briefly, perhaps right before they open.
  3. Rich Owings

    GMB Q&A's only populating a few of the Q&A's that the business has posted

    @Belen C They can certainly help improve conversions. Also, clicks in the knowledge panel (to Q&A, photos, etc.) are an engagement signal and I suspect Google uses those in some way.
  4. Rich Owings

    New "Products" Section for Google My Business?

    There's this, which is free with several major POS systems: Pointy - Be Found Locally
  5. Rich Owings

    Eligibility and showing on map - Arts district, artists associations and artists

    I've got a client (an arts district association) with several GMB listings that I'm trying to merge. And it's become something of a can of worms. So I have several questions: Is a nonprofit, such as an artists association, eligible for a GMB listing, if they do not have an office open to the...
  6. Rich Owings

    PLUS CODES & Google Maps?

    And this: Open Location Code: Addresses for everything, everywhere
  7. Rich Owings

    PLUS CODES & Google Maps?

    More info here:
  8. Rich Owings

    State of SEO industry: a vent post

    My best sources of leads are web developers, as well as marketers (even SEOs) who don't do local SEO. I've met most of them by being active in our WordPress Meetup group and speaking at various WordCamps about local SEO.
  9. Rich Owings

    Too much home page text?

    I'm usually battling too little home page text, but I've got a prospect who may have the opposite problem. They are a managed IT services provider. The word count is 2277. The home page starts off with a slider (of course!), then a section on six services with a short paragraph about each, then...
  10. Rich Owings

    Trouble moving my website up in rank.

    If the query varies a little (adding GA for example), Google will often show different results, to keep the same company from dominating every variation of a query.
  11. Rich Owings

    Address Schema on all pages?

    You don't need to duplicate that schema elsewhere if it is already somewhere on the page.
  12. Rich Owings

    HIPAA Form for SEO Consultant

    Yes, they are called business associate agreements (BAA). As Phil said, it's a very common practice.
  13. Rich Owings

    Thinking about opening second branch

    Be aware that simply opening an office may not get you in the front page map pack. That may take a lot of time and effort. It depends on how stiff the already existing competition is.
  14. Rich Owings

    Google keeps crawling and indexing URLs with 404 status code

    What @djbaxter said. If it's a WordPress site, there's a 410 plugin.
  15. Rich Owings

    Question Re: GMB Impressions in GSC and Analytics

    I seem to recall someone saying that mobile GMB clicks show up as direct in GA. Don't remember where I saw that though.
  16. Rich Owings

    Service for Schema Reviews

    @JoshuaMackens This is new, but... Feature Update: NEW Review Widget Designs Display Reviews On Your Website In Style - GatherUp
  17. Rich Owings

    Google Set To Monetize Google My Business?

    GMB is surveying users about monetization: Google set to monetise Google My Business? | Optimisey
  18. Rich Owings

    Are agencies allow to hold Google Analytics account data hostage?

    As far as I can tell, it doesn't matter whether it was an agency or owner. Once you have access, you can drop other users, which may be a good idea if the agency was an obstacle to access.
  19. Rich Owings

    Fake review summaries generated by schema markup

    That is for "critic reviews" only. As far as I can tell, this issue is unclear. They sure don't make it easy!
  20. Rich Owings

    Fake review summaries generated by schema markup

    As far as I can tell, that is no longer stated in Google's guidelines: Review snippet | Search | Google Developers