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  1. officialryguy1

    Google My Business Changes/Issues for Hotels

    So Hotel amenities are now missing. Last week I was asked by my client to remove some amenities that were showing live. When I went in the backend, things like 'swimming pool' and 'paid parking' were marked as not available, but still showing live. I submitted a GMB support request, and came...
  2. officialryguy1

    GMB Short Names - Are they important?

    Do you have any more information on this, Tim? I had a suspension happen on an account of mine. 2 out of 13 locations received a suspension, and I am now seeing that I applied short codes a day prior to the suspension, but didn't think about the two being related in anyway.
  3. officialryguy1

    Impact on GMB profile on traffic

    I believe the issue is that GMB listings lead to "no click" searches. People may have only needed the phone number or address and going to the site is an obsolete action at this point.
  4. officialryguy1

    Hospital/Healthcare Map Pins

    How do you get the special healthcare pin drop for your local healthcare clients? It's something that I have wondered, but have recently been asked to look into. I am finding nothing in the forums and nothing from Google searches. Anyone out there accomplished this, or is it a matter of...
  5. officialryguy1

    Updating Hotel Descriptions

    Hmm, I have not had the same luck with GMB Support, they have told me to update third-party sites and "soon" Googe will reindex and rewrite a description for them.
  6. officialryguy1

    Updating Hotel Descriptions

    Hi, I am looking for some solid help on updating Google My Business business descriptions for hotels. There is no actual field in GMB for this, when looking at a hotel categorized business. You can write a description to be displayed under almost every other type of business category that I...
  7. officialryguy1

    Old hotel photos

    I manage local listings for a hotel with 16 locations (and growing). They typically buy-up older hotels and refresh them with new designs - new furniture, new wall colors, new decor, rebrand the restaurant, etc. so the issue comes up with these older GMB photos surfacing over the newer In...