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  1. Lanerizz

    Getting Option to Add Products For GMB

    Hello, I have a Jeweler who for some reason still doesn't have the ability to create Products (not product posts). THey have another location set up the same way that does have this option, so I know it's not a category issue. Anyone know how to get this to show up?
  2. Lanerizz

    Significant drop of GMB listing views

    Hey, I have one listing that suddenly stopped showing any results on December 9th: 2020-01-07_0939 No suspension, nothing in Google My Business that would indicate this. Weirder still is rankings do not appear to have changed: 2020-01-07_1011 Still showing for business name: 2020-01-07_0941...
  3. Lanerizz

    Spacing Out Google My Business Edits

    Working through making edits to the Google My Business landscape for a client and had about 9 that needed to be done. I have a Level 5 Local Guide account not connected to my business, in case that is important. The first 5 edits got published immediately, the next 4 are being reviewed. Which...
  4. Lanerizz

    Convenience Stores vs Gas Stations

    I am developing a strategy for a chain of convenience stores/gas stations. I am noticing all their GMB listings are convenience stores but there is always a separate gas station listing as Exxon or big gas chain, but with the same address and phone number. Since gas stations will get a...
  5. Lanerizz

    Opening Soon Feature Question

    I have a client opening a new location, projected opening date is by end of March. Two questions: 1. Let's say we create the listing, set the Opening Soon date so our listing is live 90 days out. Then 30 days before that date, there's a delay, and we will need to open a week later. Is there an...
  6. Lanerizz

    Google Short Link Not Working Properly

    Is anyone else getting reports of or seeing the Google Short Name Review Link sending people to the Google My Business login screen instead of the profile? Client is saying him and two other people in his office get that. I can't replicate. It can't be as easy as them not being logged into...
  7. Lanerizz

    Prepopulating Q & A Section as Owner

    You used to be able to post questions as the Owner of the business, then answer them to create a "FAQ" section. Trying to do it on a new client and it keeps posting them as my personal profile. Is there a specific trick to this I am forgetting? I am Owner not Primary Owner if that makes a...
  8. Lanerizz

    Locations With Two Websites

    Hi, I'm sure this has been asked before so please direct me to that thread if you know of it. Company has 8 locations that provide oil and propane services. They have an Oil website, and a Propane website. 1. It's two brands but the same company, so I cannot create two listings per address...
  9. Lanerizz

    Properly Closing a Location on GMB for Multi-Location Business

    Hey everyone, I have a preschool with three locations. They are closing one. There is nothing more complicated to this than simply marking the one that is closing as Permanently Closed, is there? Just trying to make sure I don't hurt the others. Figured it's worth asking and being sure...
  10. Lanerizz

    GMB Suspensions After Being Granted Access

    Hey everyone, I've had back to back situations now where a client grants me access to their GMB, and because I'm excited to make improvements, I immediately make some changes. It then immediately suspends the listing. Is this something you guys see a lot and are there any best practices to...
  11. Lanerizz

    Google Images Ads back?

    Hey everyone, my client found this in the wild yesterday. Is this the Google Image Search Ads Beta back or some sort of PLA ad I'm not familiar with?
  12. Lanerizz

    GMB Category Traffic

    Hey everyone, Been reading the forum for some time via the folks at Sterling Sky, excited to join the conversation. I was wondering if there were any tools that provided traffic data on different GMB categories? Obviously the primary category should be what they are, but I have a jeweler that...