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  1. Scott Barnett

    Superpages issues and my take on why

    Interested if folks are having issues updating info on Superpages. I had noticed that Moz Local wasn't getting updates to them and then when I tried to login directly it turned into a nightmare. We think we've figured out what's going on between Supermedia and Dex Media merging... if anybody is...
  2. Scott Barnett

    Phone scam involving Google My Business

    Hi all, I just literally got off the phone with a phone scammer and wanted to know if there's any way to report what happened. I got a call (to my Google Voice line of all places) and it was an automated voice prompt saying that I have issues with my Google My Business listing and that if I'm...
  3. Scott Barnett

    Using Chamber of Commerce address for your business address

    I was speaking with some local business owners tonight and mentioned that they should use a physical street address for Google My Business. Of course, a few of the home based businesses brought up privacy/security concerns with this and would prefer to use another address. We went through the...