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    Near Me Searches?

    I don't think Google's looking at the on-site content for 'near me' keywords...I would think it's based solely on the address/geographic location of the business. But it's worth a shot to try and see!
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    Xanax Spam and 404 errors

    Cody, thank you!
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    Xanax Spam and 404 errors

    Thank you, Cody! Linda - Great idea, I just posted in the WMT forum. I'll keep you both posted if a helpful solution arises.
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    Xanax Spam and 404 errors

    Hi Everyone, Seeking some guidance here. A few months ago this site was hacked by one of the Xanax/Valium spammers. About 2 dozen pharmaceutical landing pages were created on the site, and tons of backlinks were sent to those pages. They've since been removed and I disavowed the spammy...
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    New Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool

    Hi Everyone, Have you seen the Google's new Rich Snippets Testing Tool? It doesn't seem to be reading schema/rich snippets correctly...check it out and see if it's working right for you.
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    Acxiom Number Wrong

    Hi All, I'm working on a client whose number on Acxiom is incorrect. Normally, you call the 866 number from the client's office and go from there...but since the phone number listed is wrong in the first place...we're stuck. I'm aware of Moz Local, but this particular client is on a...
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    Weird site ranking

    Great point about the domain age. The doctor has 92 reviews on Yelp, with an average 4.5 stars. But it's not a page for the business, just for the practice. Thanks for your input, guys.
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    Weird site ranking

    Hi All. Here's a site that's puzzling me. Searching for "optometrist in austin" (a fairly competitive area), you'll see this. The site (highlighted) has no backlinks. The website itself is nothing from a design/user experience perspective. They don't have Google publisher set up. They...
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    Google Dupe Removal No Longer Instant?

    I've removed many a Google dupe in my day. Usually, deleting the dupe results in the page being deleted. When I go to the URL, it yields a "Not Found" message, which means the Dupe deletion was successful. This week I tried to remove several Google dupes for a client of mine. But the pages are...
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    Yahoo listings disappearing from Dashboard

    This has been happening to many of my clients. I've found waiting two days tends to clear things up.
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    Yahoo Local Claimed by ATT/Yellowpages?

    Thanks, Whitney. Do you know if YP will update the Yahoo listing if requested?
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    Yahoo Local Claimed by ATT/Yellowpages?

    Hi Everyone, I have a about a dozen clients who I tried to set up their basic Yahoo Local listing for. But it appears to be claimed by....Yellowpages/ATT. The clients do not recall working with Yellowpages or ATT in the past. Has anyone else run into this? This is the message that comes up...