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    Business directory networks to be aware of

    Hi Linda, That helped a lot, thank you very much! We get new clients from time to time, and some have terrible websites with little, to no, onsite and offsite SEO. Some of my clients don't even have a real website, but have a cookie-cutter page on a master site they must use by corporate rules...
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    Business directory networks to be aware of

    Linda, I've seen you mention a few times here that you don't really deal with citation-building, yet there is a whole section on this forum dedicated to just that. Is there a reason you don't deal with citation-building? Not important? You outsource it to a third party or service? You have...
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    New Google+ Local Photo Guidelines - No More Logos and No Ugly Mugs!

    I sure hope Marissa, over at Yahoo, shows those two idiots running Google how to do local search right. Who the hell is running Google local anyways? Some engineer geek that doesn't like people and plays fantasy games, in his spare time, in his parents' basement? Duh!