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    Google creating a duplicate listing AFTER verification?!

    Here's a new issue for you! 2 different listings, same/similar problem. After verifying/editing the listing, Google created a duplicate of the listing! BUT it's not showing as a duplicate in our dashboard (I'm still only seeing the 1 verified listing). We've found the issue by doing a simple...
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    Unable to Respond to Google Reviews - New Bug?

    I've been reading up on this issue for a while, but I'm still having problems fixing the issue of not being able to respond to a review on one of my listings! I've tried poking the listing with a null submit (to show Google that I am still the owner of it). It's been 2 months now and that trick...
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    Total Impressions dropped for all my clients!

    Total impressions for all of my clients dropped significantly around February 18th. My team is very diligent about ensuring all listings meet quality guidelines and each client's listings are created under their own unique Gmail account. Was there an update for maps that I am not aware of...