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    Debate about hiding addresses for SABs

    I have listed my home address on hundreds of citations. Most contractors do. I see no reason to hide it. Even if I did hide it, they can Google my name to find my address if they want to know it. The few times that people asked if they can come by to drop off a check or something, I simply...
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    Mobile First Indexing

    I just got this pop-up message when I entered Search Console: Is this good? Or bad? Or neither? lol... My website is responsive, so the content is the same on desktop or mobile. Do I have anything to worry about?
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    Search Console showing Soft 404

    Google Search Console is saying that I have a Soft 404 at this URL: That is the Joomla template that is used on my website. When I go to that URL, it shows a blank page with the source: <html><body bgcolor="#FFFFFF"></body></html> I asked the developer...
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    How to report with Redressal Form

    I have a few questions about using the Redressal Form. I have noticed a bunch of other listings for electrician in my area. They all follow the the same type of layout: Fake name (generally 4 words, doesn't match any licensed electrician company) Phone number (Doesn't Google to any company...
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    Opinions on pictures for my business

    I am a small residential electrician, I do service and small installation work. I don't do renovations or new construction, so I don't have pictures of fancy kitchens and bathrooms, I don't do many snazzy chandeliers or things like that. Most of my work is ugly and mechanical, not decorative...
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    Selecting canonical

    Some of the main pages on my website show up on Search Console under: "Duplicate, submitted URL not selected as canonical Status: Excluded" These are pages that I put into the sitemap, which I thought would make them canonical. It says that they are excluded, but those exact pages show up in...
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    Keywords in reviews

    How important are keywords in reviews to a service area business like a plumber or electrician? Do you try to get the customers to mention certain things, like the service performed or the town that they live in? If so, how do you go about asking without breaking guidelines or seeming shady?
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    I downloaded the GMB app and noticed that inside it will send a review link to someone thru text or email or any other method you want, but the link uses ?gm at the end. Example: Normally it is without the ?gm I am curious what the ?gm does and if anything...
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    Local Service Ads

    I have a question about Local Service Ads and you SEO professionals. Are you able to get involved with LSA for customers? I ask because the customer themselves need to sign up for it and do the background check. Is there any way for you to use the system as part of your service to the...
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    Page Speed

    PageSpeed Insights grades my website 48 Mobile and 73 desktop. A lot of the issues are render blocking resources and other things that I don't think I have much control over due to using a CMS. The actual page loading seems very good on all of the dozens of different computers and phones I...
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    Offsite changes to make after switching to SSL

    My local service area business's website is on GoDaddy and I just setup for them to add an SSL certificate to my website and make all the changes ($149 for 1 year of managed SSL, seemed like a good deal). They said that they would take care of all the changes to make the website work, but I am...