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  1. Emily Brady

    GMB Posts Rejected

    Does the image have meta? I uploaded one today that was immediately rejected (for no discernible reason). The business name was listed as the author and the comments section had some info in it. When I removed those, it uploaded just fine. Not sure if those are related or if the glitch just...
  2. Emily Brady

    "In between" Label Appearing in Local Finder

    Just out of curiosity, are people seeing this only for places they've visited still or for other locations as well? I would think users who don't know where the business is yet (i.e., haven't visited) would find that information more relevant?
  3. Emily Brady

    Spam / Scam .it domains and sub domains flooding Google results pages

    I'm not seeing this (not searching from the UK though), but you can always report spam sites or lousy SERPs by submitting feedback directly from the search result page submitting a spam report. To be honest, I wouldn't be TOO concerned with these because they are so far down in SERPs; however...
  4. Emily Brady

    Name of town/city in keyword phrase

    I agree with both Conor and Tim. In my experience, mentioning the city is definitely an important ranking factor, especially for SMBs that serve specific regions (cities, counties, etc). I think it's tricky because Google may not consider it AS "critical" as it was 8 years ago or so - but...
  5. Emily Brady

    Google's New Announcement About Review Schema

    Late to the game but I just did a few searches and am seeing this change reflected in SERPs already! Weeeeee!
  6. Emily Brady

    Ranking for Two Business Locations in the US: East Coast & West Coast

    A few thoughts on this: One benefit to pointing both locations to the home page is that you could actually be helping your Google maps rankings by pointing the listings to the more authoritative page (the HP over a subpage, especially if the location page is new). However, pointing users to...
  7. Emily Brady

    Duplicate content penalty for using the same GMB posts?

    It _could_ be a bad experience if they open up the full list of posts and see a bunch of the same thing over and over again (i.e., it'll look a bit spammy). If you really don't want to mix up the verbiage and / or image associated with the post I would recommend deleting the old version and...
  8. Emily Brady

    GMB Posts - Promotional Offers

    Greg Gifford did a really informative and practical breakdown of how to create effective GMB posts at Mozcon earlier this year. You can find the deck here, which outlines some additional best practices!
  9. Emily Brady

    Report Business "Doesn't Exist" - does it work?

    Yes, using the “add additional” option. :)
  10. Emily Brady

    Report Business "Doesn't Exist" - does it work?

    I’m this situation, I’d use the redressal form and submit all of the spam listings simultaneously. This has been very effective for me!
  11. Emily Brady

    GMB Listing Not Showing Up in Knowledge Panel for Branded Searches

    That did the trick! Thank you!
  12. Emily Brady

    Link to Single Platform on GMB Listing

    This is the method I've used and had success as well! I personally find it extremely frustrating they can commandeer listings without permission - especially for business types that don't' need menus (like attorneys, for example).
  13. Emily Brady

    Schema Reviews Markup Question

    Hm. This is a good question! My better judgment tells me it depends on the business type and what the review is actually for (the service type). So, if I'm a plumbing company with a few locations in a large metro, I don't see a problem marking up multiple locations because they function as one...
  14. Emily Brady

    GMB Listing Not Showing Up in Knowledge Panel for Branded Searches

    Hi everyone! I'm working with a new-ish business (new GMB listing, new domain). The website is indexed and their GMB listing does show up when you search the business name in maps; however, it's NOT showing up in the knowledge panel for branded searches yet. I can see how low DA (hi, new...
  15. Emily Brady

    I am getting frustrated from fake maps

    Honestly your best bet is to use the business redressal form or report them as closed / nonexistent. It never hurts to try again in my experience! I’ve found the redressal form to be most effective when you focus on how exactly the listing is violating google guidelines and include as much info...
  16. Emily Brady

    What are your thoughts on separate blogs throughout a website?

    Another idea would be to pull a feed for specific blog categories on related service / practice area pages. That way users have the opportunity to click through to related info while you can house all blog content under one URL structure, if that makes sense. At the end of the day I think the...