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    Similar City Names BUT Two Different Countries

    Hi, I have came across a strange organic search scenario. Though, I see it as an opportunity Clients main keyword is "Personal Trainer Cleveland", Which is in qld australia. The TOP results in organic are from "Cleveland Ohio". Are there any extra step that can help us rank quickly in...
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    Google Penguin 2.1 Released

    Hi Guys, Any one's or there clients website got affected by the new update? Its been three days, i was waiting for the dust to settle down. I do not really see any changes for local seo. Though there are some dropped rankings for organic seo. Here is the official tweet from MATT CUTTS...
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    Two Cities One Website One Phone Number - A lot of Questions

    Hello Everyone, I spent last night reading the localsearchforum and some other forums got some answers but they very not that clear. I have a client they have offices in two cities, lets assume LONDON & MANCHESTER. They have a 1300 number goes to there LONDON office. I have found out that we...
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    Should I Suggest Him To Start Over With A New Site?

    Hello EveryOne, I have got a client and his local ranking is drowned by LOCAL ONE BOX ATTACK. And he is not ranking on his main keyword any more in google local. He is ranking in organic but way down on the third page. I am not able to fix his organic even after two months. The reason is the...