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  1. Nyagoslav

    Citations for service area business

    Unfortunately no, but many of the sites accept UK businesses as well: Google, Bing, Facebook, Cylex, Yelp, Foursquare, Brownbook, Apple Maps, Opendi, HotFrog, Tupalo, 2FindLocal. We haven't done tests with UK-specific sites like Yell, ThompsonLocal, Scoot,, FreeIndex, and others, but I...
  2. Nyagoslav

    Tool or Manual?

    Hi Barb, Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. The main points of comparison are: Speed - automatic submissions are, by default, faster than any manual method. Time involvement - usually automatic submissions are (or at least look like) one-button-push solutions. Cost - in most...
  3. Nyagoslav

    Moz Local vs Yext

    Unfortunately, both automated tools have their limitations. In the case of Yext, they will always discover and display only 1 listing per site, i.e. if there are additional (duplicate, incorrect) listings, they won't show them. In the case of Moz Local, they have a problem that is unavoidable...
  4. Nyagoslav

    Citations for service area business

    You will want to hit as many of the important business directories as possible. Fortunately, most of them allow for one of the following to be done: Include the full business address, but hide the street address from public view; Skip the street address altogether (include only city and state)...
  5. Nyagoslav

    Citation Value?

    Hi aputtock While many directories in Yext's network make it very difficult to figure out, most listings can get updated without necessarily going through Yext. Usually the process of updating listings without going through Yext on sites like that is more complicated and requires additional...
  6. Nyagoslav is a Nightmare to Figure Out!

    Hey Travis, Superpages stopped allowing listing claiming some time ago (at least a couple of years ago I believe). There are two ways to get listings added, updated, or removed for free: 1) Proactively, by contacting them. The best way to do that in my experience has been the live chat option...
  7. Nyagoslav

    Vitals and WebMD Issues

    The Vitals claiming process works very similarly to the claiming process on Yahoo! Local. The listing management system is actually under Yext. However, there is an option where you could go with a free listing. Here is an article that explains how to do that for Yahoo! Local: Now You Can Fix...
  8. Nyagoslav

    Localstack help

    The problems with LocalStack started about 4 months ago. First the phone verification option stopped working, and then we realized the whole site had been seemingly abandoned. We used to be able to get duplicate listings removed by contacting support, but support has been unreachable for the...
  9. Nyagoslav Citation Removal Issues

    Hi Cave, All (or almost all) listings on come from, so your first step would be to get the listing removed on Once you have this sorted out, you could try sending an email to as they've been helpful in the past. Cheers, Nyagoslav
  10. Nyagoslav

    Professional Listing with a Name Change

    Thanks for pointing to this thread, Joy! It is interesting that Google instructs the Maps reviewers to actually remove the old business names from the POIs, because according to my understanding, it is a feature of the Maps clustering system (arguably a grandfathered in one, but still) that...
  11. Nyagoslav

    Professional Listing with a Name Change

    Joy, I would probably be a bit more conservative than Darren and say that it might be a good idea, just for the sake of good-night-sleep, to potentially have the following done in addition to what Darren mentioned: - Have her maiden name variation added as an additional business name for the...
  12. Nyagoslav

    Huge List: Acceptable NAP Variations for Google Local Citations from Whitespark

    Thanks for your comment, Andrew. I like your suggestion, but I think it would be hard to fit it in our abbreviations compendium. Address formatting (in the sense of structure and order of the address) is, in my opinion, a separate topic from what we were trying to achieve with this resource. It...
  13. Nyagoslav

    Where does Apple Maps get its data from?

    Apple Maps Connect, the business dashboard of Apple Maps, was just recently launched internationally, and is available to businesses in Australia: Apple Maps Connect for small businesses expands beyond the U.S. | 9to5Mac You could create or claim listings directly through there. However, you...
  14. Nyagoslav

    NAP error statistics

    There was an interesting infographic released quite some time ago by Yext on this topic: Yext Infographic: 64% of Foursquare Listings Have Missing or Incorrect Info | Street Fight I think the numbers are very low there, though, because Yext used their diagnostic tool to produce the stats...
  15. Nyagoslav

    How to Claim Dunn & Bradstreet & Great List of Other Business Data Aggregators

    Re: How to Claim Dunn & Bradstreet & Great List of Other Business Data Aggregators Thanks for the D&B tip, cleverlyengaged! I believe that free claiming feature has been introduced just recently. About 4 weeks ago, when I last checked, when you tried to claim a listing...
  16. Nyagoslav

    Reporting Errors and Duplicates in Yahoo-Is there a New Way?

    Russ, you should be able to cancel a basic listing, too.
  17. Nyagoslav

    Reporting Errors and Duplicates in Yahoo-Is there a New Way?

    There is currently no way to remove duplicate listings on Yahoo! Local in a straightforward manner. The only two options would be: 1) Remove or update the incorrect listing on the source site (most frequently ExpressUpdate, Localeze, or Yelp). Wait for the new information to make its way to...
  18. Nyagoslav

    Acxiom Number Wrong

    I just wanted to add that you cannot change the business name and/or phone number on pre-existing Acxiom records. Thus, after you claim the listing (per Greg's post above), you would need to delete it, and add a brand-new one, which would again require document verification. Cheers! Nyagoslav
  19. Nyagoslav

    Fixing/Building Local Citations - The Options...

    Hi Deke, Obviously as part of Whitespark I would be biased toward our service (Citation Audit and Clean-up). However, here are some general notes and Q&As that might help in your decision making. Of course all the decision making should also be made on case-by-case basis, but I will base my...
  20. Nyagoslav

    Local Search -- the new Pay-to-Play eco-system

    Philip (McD, because you are two!), I agree with you until certain extent. I don't think the only reason for Yahoo! to turn so dramatically to the pay-to-play model is the mere fact that they want more money. I think it is more like the are in desperate need of more money, and they are trying to...