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  1. C Problem?

    Sorry for my slow response, but I see that the problem is now corrected. Appreciate the quick turn around. Thanks! Cindy
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    Local Reporting Software

    I'm using Bright Local for client reporting. I really like the simplicity and clarity of their Ranking report. Cindy
  3. C Problem?

    Thanks, Linda. I saw this announcement yesterday, but think I read that there were not going to be any changes to short term. Hopefully, this is just a programming glitch related to the pop-up. I'll wait for David to stop by. Cindy
  4. C Problem?

    What's up with the free tool on I tried to do a search today, and I got a pop-up window asking for my email to sign up to their newsletter. After clicking "No Thanks" a couple of times, and being kicked back to the search page, I entered an email address, and still got kicked...
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    Local SEO Pricing Models

    I try to put myself in front of people where I know they need my services, based on the research I've done. So the "sales" conversation is really about getting more customers from the investment they've already made in their website (most people I meet already have some kind of site). That's...
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    Local SEO Pricing Models

    Good point on the on-going maintenance fee. There's nothing worse than having committed to do the work and then feeling like you're not being paid for it! I've had that learning experience. Definitely not fun! Cindy
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    Local SEO Pricing Models

    I am doing some planning for 2013 and have started to rethink my pricing model, and the services I'm providing to local clients. Currently, I charge a monthly retainer, and provide the following services to everyone: G+ optimization Citations On page SEO Article/video creations and...
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    Jumpstart Your Local Search Consulting Business

    Linda - Thanks for sharing this incredible tip! When I first went into business - many, many years ago - I played things close to the vest. Never wanted to divulge my business practices, my marketing strategies, or anything else, for fear that others would copy from me. It took a while, but I...
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    Just Say No to Bad Local SEO Clients - Let them Walk!

    I absolutely agree with Linda. Saying "No" can be the most powerful tool in your marketing system. Of course, Linda does it the smart way - saying no to problem operational situations. I say no most often over pricing issues. I am the queen of holding the line on pricing. I don't work with...
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    Biz-Building Tips for Local SEOs + How to Find a GOOD Local SEO for SMBs

    Great blog post to share with good ideas. Linda, I really like your idea of adding a category on here for the business side of our business. Personally, I would love to spend all of my time selling and building my business. Looking forward to contributing some ideas when you get this section...
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    Comparison of Software Tools

    Thanks, Linda. I'll head over to the blog. If I can't find what I'm looking for, I'll let you know. Otherwise, you can assume I'm good to go. Appreciate your help!
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    Comparison of Software Tools

    Thanks, Linda. I searched through the topics, and tried the advanced search feature but came up empty. I'm poking around Places Scout and it looks pretty powerful. Mark's videos also seem to be very well done. Look forward to your thoughts on how these two products compare.
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    Comparison of Software Tools

    I'll apologize in advance if this posts twice. I tried to Preview my original post before hitting submit and everything froze... I am new to the forum and finding this to be a fabulous resource! Kudos to Linda for making this happen. I have been using Bright Local, but after seeing the rave...