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  1. Eric Shanfelt

    Ask Joy Hawkins Anything About Google My Business - Local Marketing Institute

    Hi Scott. All Local Marketing Institute webinars are free to attend live, and are recorded and archived in our VIP area. You do have to be a VIP member to access the archive, but you can get a free 30-day trial and watch it that way if you'd like. BTW, tons of questions have come in for Joy...
  2. Eric Shanfelt

    Faster Aggregator Submission?

    If you directly submit to the aggregators via their web interfaces, it can take up to 7-8 weeks for them to review, approve, disseminate the new data to other sites / apps, and for those other sites / apps to display the new data. However, there are preferred vendors that submit data to the...
  3. Eric Shanfelt

    Local business emails I can subscribe to?

    Hi gang. I'd like to subscribe to the email newsletters of a ton of local businesses to study them. Would you please comment with the URL of local businesses you work with so I can subscribe to their newsletters? Thanks!
  4. Eric Shanfelt

    VIDEO TIP: How to Make a Direct Google Reviews Link

    Yep, the one constant with Google (or anything digital) is that nothing is constant! :)
  5. Eric Shanfelt

    VIDEO TIP: How to Make a Direct Google Reviews Link

    Here's a quick video that shows you how to make a link that takes your customers directly to your Google My Business profile AND opens the review window automatically. Hope this helps a bit! How to Make a Direct Google Reviews Link
  6. Eric Shanfelt

    Video: How to Segment Visitors by Location with Google Analytics

    Hi Audrey. Unfortunately, it's not as granular as local targeting Google Adwords or Facebook Ads. There is no way to do a geographic radius. You can, however, add multiple cities to a Google Analytics Segment. Check out the attached screenshot. When creating a segment, go to the Advanced >...
  7. Eric Shanfelt

    Merchant Circle No Longer Offering Free Listings

    Yahoo and CitySearch have both partnered with Yext now. They get a rev-share by reselling Yext's services. But you CAN still get a free business listing on both Yahoo and CitySearch. Here's an article I wrote quite a while ago on how to get a free listing on Yahoo ... even with them partnering...