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    Tracking Google Places With UTM tracking in Google Anlaytics

    Hi we’re looking to track these 3 links on Google Places across 50 different places (e.g. Ash ST. Cellar below is just one place): In terms of UTM tracking we were wondering if this setup will be sound: The UTM will be set up as follows: Campaign Source = google local Campaign Medium =...
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    Where does Apple Maps get its data from?

    Hi i was wondering does anyone know how to add businesses to Apple Maps. Is it through the And where Apple Maps gets it data for, when they add business listings to their maps? (specifically for Australia) We have 350 stores (Australia) and we are looking to...
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    Google Bulk Uploader Question

    Hi we have 15 stores we want to transfer over to our main google places account. We can only claim them with google places bulk uploader. So from what i have read, i have to add each store to the spreadsheet then request bulk upload. Since these google places listings already exist...