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    Requested ownership, didn't hear back - What now?

    This has been ongoing for many months We are being flooded with wrong number calls because the information in 3 of our listings are wrong. The employee email that originally verified some of our location listings either doesn't work for us anymore, or we don't have access to it. We don't know...
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    GMB Duplicate Nightmare

    Wondering if anyone has experienced this lovely scenario before: Client comes to me asking to help set up/manage their yext account (client purchased this account on their own). A few days later, we receive notification that the subscription has been cancelled and refunded. Turns out...
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    Lapse in listing management service = complete ranking loss forever?

    Wondering if anyone else has ever seen this. I've seen two separate instances where listing services were temporarily cancelled/lapsed, and the website associated with the account completely fell out of the maps pack (after previously being in the top spots for most keywords) One instance...