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    Does Google Use A SAB's Mobile Phone Location/s As A Signal?

    No signage. I'm becoming convinced that Google uses mobile phone coordinates of local service businesses as it would an address when it can.
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    Does Google Use A SAB's Mobile Phone Location/s As A Signal?

    Does Google use a local service area business's mobile phone location/s as it would a stationary business's address? I have a lawn care client who's leads come from areas he's actually visited very recently. He uses a Google voice number with mobile tracking and Google timeline functions...
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    Directory Site In 2016 and Beyond

    Given the obvious movements from Google toward more pay for placement SERPS free just isn't as viable as maybe it once was. Any business that thinks a free directory is a good idea will be disadvantaged by the more willing-to-pay competition. My belief is that Google welcomes local directories...
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    The "Lead Theft" Directory Problem - What Can We Do?

    That's fraud and you can probably sue and bring criminal charges against them.
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    Identifying New Businesses And Other Organization Filings

    My Secretary of State's website lists new incorporations in a CSV file. Many states do this as well. Check with your state's official offices.
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    Ranking from quite a distance. Has anyone ever seen this?

    Dr. Linder does have a location in Las Vegas along with a website but why would his Beverly Hills location get pulled up?
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    Ads heading to Google Maps

    I'm certain this is more of a all other things being equal the listing that pays will win the higher rank. Listings still need to hit on best practices tactics and not be mediocre. The highest rank will go to the listing that proves most relevant and most profitable for Google.
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    Operating a local directory as a marketing strategy?

    Would having citations pointing to a business's directory listing work for local SEO? In other words, would treating a business's directory listing page as the homepage for that business work? Instead of using the business's website in citations use the directory page. I assume Google and...
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    Operating a local directory as a marketing strategy?

    Klaas, something like this will take lots of time and effort and money. You'll need to come up with a good justification for spending the resources and money required to constantly promote your directory over others. Do you have sensible a plan to make the directory earn it's keep?
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    Should Small Businesses Even Have Blogs?

    I think the article linked to is arguing against the structure of a blog rather than the content, and I agree with the article. I have too often come across an excellent blog-structured article only to not be able to find the article in the future. Or, I'd have to search through a long linear...
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    Google no longer shows ads on right side, adds another ad spot to the top of the SERP

    Confirmed: Google To Stop Showing Ads On Right Side Of Desktop Search Results Worldwide Up to 4 ads possible on top for commercial intent search terms. This will push other results down further and maybe force more competition for ad auction.
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    Getting Started with Facebook Marketing

    I cringe when I see people on Facebook post political topics to their brand page.
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    Operating a local directory as a marketing strategy?

    Thanks for the replies. HoosierBuff, think of it as a CRM for SEO agencies that just happens to be facing the public. If you're going to nurture leads anyway then why not put the information you have about those leads in the public where others may use it? You will have to spend money...
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    Operating a local directory as a marketing strategy?

    Does anyone on the forum operate there own local listings directory as a means to attract and market to local businesses? This seems like a natural way to keep track of the local business scene and advertise one's local SEO agency. My thinking is that spending time and effort promoting the...
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    Is a #1 Ranking All it's Cracked Up to Be? Local Search Click Study

    Interesting but I think the extra real estate that is afforded to rich-media listings has as much to do with higher CTR's as do the media itself. Also, Google AdWords has basically already admitted to this when they made ad extensions a part of calculating an ads quality score. More...
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    Blacklist of Useless citation sites

    It's hard to discount any citation source regardless of size because Google likes to surface unpredictable sources and there's always some off the wall directory showing up in the SERPs. Using the top-down approach, as Linda states, makes the most sense but to blacklist small and uninteresting...
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    Does Anyone Work With Municipalities?

    Take a look at the tourism industry. Many municipalities have a tourism center that may need help. How about offering services for local lobbying efforts? This may not be directly working with a municipality but it may have great opportunity. Maybe work with community non-profits?
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    Pushing Organic Rank with Paid Ads

    The question comes down to does Google allow its properties to inform each other. Does Google Analytics talk to the Google search crawler/s and the AdWords landing page crawler? Why wouldn't they? If the landing page bot finds malware on a page I'm certain it would store that info in a central...
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    Dear Google, Stop Using Business Name as a Local Ranking Factor- Darren Shaw

    Is keyword the tie-breaker, so to speak? If all other SEO aspects are equal does Google break the tie with the keyword?
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    The Duality of online Reviews

    Pest control, like certain other services, carry stigmas and people don't like to publicize it. The good news may be that the reluctance for customers to leave reviews should be industry wide and this may equalize the lack of reviews for your client. I'm sure Google knows what the ratio of...