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    USPS Doesn't Deliver Postcards to Business Address

    Alright, all you geniuses. I have a client that is in a very remote, small town in south central Idaho. His mail, both for his home and his business, all goes to a box number at the post office. Even though both places have an official street address, the postal service doesn't have delivery...
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    Zip Code Meta Tags - Still relevant?

    I work with a franchise network of SABs and I've had a few of them say they're getting phone calls from SEO vendors saying that the use of the zip code meta tag on their websites (which usually have 20-100 different zip codes) is going to get them blacklisted by Google. While I have my doubts...
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    Google Review Valuable Lifetime

    I suppose this may be more of an opinion poll, but I can't find much on what I'm looking for. I'm trying to get a feel for how long a Google review is really valuable. Meaning, in Accounting terms, what's the "useful life" of a Google review? How long after it's posted is it no longer...
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    Showing in Maps Where You AREN'T Physically Located

    Hey, everyone. I'm a coach for independently owned and operated carpet cleaning franchise owners across the country. I'm trying to help them optimize their online listings and being findable in Google (which is a VERY large task). A few in particular have expressed frustration that they can't...