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    Huge Change for Service Area Businesses in Google My Business

    Yes, thank you for laying this out.
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    Need advice on a bad reviews from competitors

    I messaged them through direct message yesterday. What is their turn around time on responding?
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    Need advice on a bad reviews from competitors

    Joy, Thank you for at least reviewing it. I will try to flag it and see if that will help. Now I do have another issue which is my client has two business listings do you have a thread to where I can get one removed?
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    Need advice on a bad reviews from competitors

    JOY, I have a client who's business has been given unjust reviews. Most recent was four weeks ago and I have one I responded to over 11 months ago. I could really use some help with this. My business partner even tried the advertiser community with google, but I only got a small response and it...
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    Proximity in Local Search Rankings

    Joy, In the article, the subtitle "Local SEOs love links" does this mean you give backlinks directly to the GMB "page"?
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    90 SEO Experts Share their Best White Hat Link Building Tips - Ahrefs Blog

    Hello everyone, I tried other blogging sites, but they never get back to me. I haven't tried the method above, but I will try this method next. Finding good backlinks can be a challenge sometimes. Thank you for this info.