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    Regarding Posting on GMB

    Hi all, wondering if I have a blog post on "Top 10 ways to remove a stain", will it be appropriate to break it up into 10 separate GMB posts instead of posting the article as a whole? I will be using different images for these 10 posts. Thanks in advance.
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    Regarding Geotagging Post's Image

    Hi everyone, I have geotagged my image in the GMB post. When I clicked and save the image that I have posted, it does not show any geotagged information. Is this normal? Thank you.
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    Different business and URL, but with same address

    Hi everyone, I would like to check on the following: My client has 2 businesses/services operating in one business address, sharing the same website. They are standalone businesses and under different management. Can we create 2 different GMB listing, both with different company names, and URL...