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  1. ColoradoChris

    I added state service areas, but can't find myself?

    Hello forum friends, So just a quick question: So I have a client who mainly serves the western United States. I added the states to the service area of GMB, but I never see it in any local pack other than the clients home state So just curious if I'm looking at this wrong? Or does Google...
  2. ColoradoChris

    Need help figuring out how to NOT do local seo?

    Hello forum friends, So I know how important local search is, but I am very curious how to not hurt a local business trying to get nationwide sales? So for an example of I sell dog training services in my area, but I also want to do consulting and videos nationwide, do you have any tips to not...
  3. ColoradoChris

    Domain name help please - Too Generic or Too Over optimized

    Hello to all, I am hoping that I can get a general consensus on what to do. I am working on my families website. it is All Specialty Buildings (dot) com It is all one word. Now I have been hit by penguin with no manual action. I assume penguin as I did have some directory links found and...
  4. ColoradoChris

    Is it a must to add Location in title or url to rank locally?

    Hi so a quick question. I got some bids from some seo's in my state, and I was told that my keywords are to national. So I am curious if I am using the Google keyword tools, and I have Colorado as my filter, and I use those results within pages of my site, wouldn't I be trying to rank for...
  5. ColoradoChris

    Branding - Risk EMD issue? and Services page issues?

    Hello to all, So I am curious for some advice PLEASE. I appreciate your time and trouble greatly, so thank you in advance. Question - 1 - I just watched a video regarding onsite seo. This video explained to instead of using a services page to list each service, instead if possible make a...
  6. ColoradoChris

    Help with Using Keywords for Local results

    Hello to all, I wanted to ask if I am doing this correctly. So I own a Bernese mountain dog website I used the google keyword research tools to view keyword ideas. I only service Colorado with training, handling, etc So my questions are: 1 - Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies (the keyword)...
  7. ColoradoChris

    State - Keywords - Location - State | Trying to clarify how to rank for state wide

    Hi to all, Thank you for all of your help and tips. So with reading and getting pieces of tips here and there, I just wanted to clarify a few techniques. Ok so with one of the examples of an Atlanta plumber, it was something like Atlanta Plumbers | drains, clogs whatever Atlanta So...
  8. ColoradoChris

    Getting .EDU and .GOV links the right way? Or is there one?

    Hi, So a great poster here mentioned that getting .EDU links would be a great thing to do. Yet how? I see sites that sell .edu packages, but does Google and the search engines care? I mean is there such thing as a bad edu or gov link? Like is a bad edu link better than a link from some weird...
  9. ColoradoChris

    Keyword usage - add as many phrases as possible?

    Hi so I am trying to zero in on better local seo and curious if you try and add as many keywords and phrase variations on your pages? Like I build horse barns and various outbuildings. Would I try and focus on adding phrases like custom horse barns, colorado barn builders etc on the page? Or...
  10. ColoradoChris

    Best way for local business to get +1's?

    Hi so I am curious what is the best method for a small business to get +1's? Do other businesses share the +1 love and pass it around? Or do you post articles and hope for the best? Thank you for any tips. Chris
  11. ColoradoChris

    Google plus local - added keyword, but now does NAP hurt me?

    Hi to all Ok so my construction website and business is All Specialty Buildings I saw on here that we are now able to add a keyword or location So I added Construction as my keyword So now my google local results also shows All Specialty Buildings Construction So now since adding this...
  12. ColoradoChris

    Any benefits from adding keywords to custom Google url?

    Hello, So I was offered a Google custom url, yet it prompted me to add some letters or numbers to make it unique. So I am curious if it hurts adding a few keywords to describe the business? Like Does this hurt anything or just plan stupid...
  13. ColoradoChris

    Website design Is Wordpress or HTML Static site best for Local SEO

    Ok, so I could not find the help / website design section if there is one, so I hope I am not stepping on any toes. So my questions: I am looking to create the whole package. Good Backlink Profile, Domain Authority, and site optimization. So a part of this package is what to use as a base...
  14. ColoradoChris

    EMD's vs Business Name?

    Hello to all, I may be in the wrong spot, but I am looking to ask about exact match domains. See my competition uses exact match domains, and have ranked #1 for years. But if I go down that road, is that bad? For an example, if I bought a exact match domain, will Google catch on soon and...
  15. ColoradoChris

    Citations: Do they look spammy after a while?

    Hello to all, With trying to compete vs national companies in my area, I am looking to increase my citation ratio. My current domain authority is a bad 15, so I am trying to get it up. I am looking at using whitespark I think its called, and I did a trial run and I am just curious if...