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    How Should We Be Updating GMB Hours Related to COVID-19?

    I did change them and it worked out fine. Not sure why mine was different. I notice my local Home Depot did the same thing as well as my local Publix. We manage over 100 locations for large chains and it worked great. We will change hours when we need to change back. I don't see the problem.
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    How Should We Be Updating GMB Hours Related to COVID-19?

    I understand but those of us managing over 100 locations that will take days to update and keep track of every 7 days or so. As you have to add the new hours one day at a time. For 100 locations that is over 700 changes each week. Why not change the hours permanently for now if they will be...
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    Multiple businesses, same location

    I'm sorry to hear there is still such a problem with this. I have one situation like this. Luckily we did have signage. But even at that it took many months of going back and forth with images of signage. Then like others have said we get it straightened out and then it gets delisted. This must...
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    What is a live video call?

    They explained the other video that is not live. The live one they did not give details for. Have you been on a live video call???? Is it like a zoom meeting? What is expected during a live call?
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    Change GMB Verification from Postcard to Phone

    Now I have do a live video call. Does anyone know what that is? 1. Video Verification: Live Video call : If you're interested in Video verification, please respond with the convenient date & time within the next 24-48 hrs .We're available Monday - Friday 9.00 AM to 5.30 PM. OR Offline Video...
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    What is a live video call?

    We are a national chain trying to verify a new location and I am getting the runaround. You would think they would want us to verify another location. What is a Live Video Call? Here is the reply... Your listing could not be verified to appear on Google Search and Maps because we could not...
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    Change GMB Verification from Postcard to Phone

    Thanks, I did speak to somebody and they said someone would follow up via email but I haven't seen that yet.
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    Change GMB Verification from Postcard to Phone

    Wow - they don't do phone verification any more? That's too bad. Only postcard I guess.
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    Change GMB Verification from Postcard to Phone

    I was able to contact them through Google Ads account. I guess they will proceed via email.
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    Change GMB Verification from Postcard to Phone

    We have a new location that we thought we could get mail. I tried and it turns out we can't. But we do have a phone number. How or who do I contact to get a phone verification? It is not an option. If it makes a difference this is one of several that we have already verified. I called the...
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    BEST Practices for TRACKING GMB website Click throughs?

    I've been doing it this way for several years. Except I use medium gmb.
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    GMB Shortname - naming conventions

    I found it to bring up a Google Search with the name.
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    GMB Shortname - naming conventions

    Great info on this thread. Hmm you think it makes a difference? is the same as isn't it?
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    I swear, GMB phone reps are gaming their automated feedback system

    Funny you mention that. I'm not the only one. I find the same thing too. They also speak very fast with the accent I can't understand what they are saying. I have to ask them to slow down. I don't know if they are paid by how many people they help. Many times they don't seem to listen to...
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    Beacon? One of my clients just got a Beacon for a location. What to do?

    I have a client that just got a beacon in the mail. They are reluctant to use it. Is it worth it? Can anyone shed some light on the beacon from Google? I don't see much on the forum about it.
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    What Services Can Do GMB Posts?

    Agree - also in that article if you want a posting service and look at yext it is $199 per GMB as I understand. So if you have 30 GMB listings it's not worth it. I asked Hootsuite last July 2017 and today and they say they are working on it with no idea when the ETA is.
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    Debate: GMB Call Tracking - Yay or Nay?

    I'm curious about your situation you have put forward. Do you pull the current call tracking data for free from GMB? Break it down by location and time of day and report to your client these numbers currently? Are the numbers you pull with Twilio or a service what is needed to keep the client...
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    I need help choosing a service...

    Great service I'm sure. Most of my clients have 30+ locations plus misc locations that need to be cleaned up. At close to $300 / location, it's tough for my clients to accept the cost to do so, let alone any margin leftover. At $9-10k to audit and clean up these locations, they don't get it...
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    Google's new posts - scheduling automated posting tool?

    I track the links from GMB and Google+ with Bitly
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    Best Local Search Tool

    Vivek, Report back with the results.