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  1. georgebizpro

    Google June Broad Core Update Case Study: Keyword-rich domains back on the rise?

    Hello everyone, I've spent practically all day on a case study which takes a deep dive into rankings for 10 different websites which have keywords in the domain names. Following the latest launch of Google June Broad Core Update, every one of these 10 websites saw significant improvements to...
  2. georgebizpro

    State of SEO industry: a vent post

    I started my agency back in 2012, before that I was Director of SEO at a big website developer in the legal realm. I helped launch all of their SEO packages, managed all of their new SEO clients, built their SEO team before starting my own thing. My new agency would offer law firms market...
  3. georgebizpro

    Redirect https domain to another https website

    I have a legal client, one partner split off and kept the old website (https) and I retained this partner and his new firm as a client. The new firm has a new domain (https) and we setup the old website to 301 redirect to the new website. However, we are having issues with redirecting the...
  4. georgebizpro

    March Core Quality Update - March 12, 2019

    What I've noticed for clients organic traffic and rankings following last week's Google algorithm update. I've read a few articles that said some folks had noticed drops in rankings for sites which have spammy anchor text links, so maybe it's possible (since we don't do a lot of spammy link...
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    What have been your most successful marketing method for landing new SEO clients?

    How have you been getting new SEO clients? You can select up to 2, feel free to chime in if you're using a method not listed.
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    Client moved, been updating citations but rankings dropping

    Hi everyone, I have a client who recently changed addresses, business name, and phone number. It was a law firm, one of the partners split off but we wanted to keep the domain and GMB profile because of existing reviews and authority. We've been updating the new business NAP on third party...
  7. georgebizpro

    Regus Virtual Offices- Do They Work?

    Hi everyone, I have a client looking to add a second location. Personal injury law firm, considering going the Regus route. Normally I would automatically advise against it, but I've read a number of different online resources within the past year or so saying that SEO'ers have noticed...
  8. georgebizpro

    Primary category keeps changing??

    Hi all, I have a lawyer client who is a personal injury attorney. On 3 different occasions, his primary category has changed from personal injury attorney (which is what we want it to be) back to general practice attorney. How could this be possible? Who would be making this change, Google? Does...