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    Best Approach to Claiming Yelp for Enterprise Organizations

    Anything over 10 listings and you need to pay Yelp fees, or be spending the equivalent in their listing fees in advertising on Yelp. (The last time I was quoted their fee it exceeded what MozLocal or Yext would cost for a distribution license to their networks.) Alternative is to contract with...
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    Suggest an edit option "Not open yet"

    Don't have exact timelines. Usually within a few weeks.
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    Suggest an edit option "Not open yet"

    I've had listings disabled for not being fully open yet. It does happen. My guess is you could check back soon on some listings and see some of that data being used.
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    How to create this link? (Waze)

    If you do a site search on Google for [ "business name" ] you'll be able to get to the page. Some of the 3rd party publishing services can push this data for you. (Makes sense if you have a large number of locations you manage.)
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    GMB Duplicate Nightmare

    What's in the contract for the client and prior company? There are usually clauses around who has the IP to accounts created on a client's behalf. (If so, then a C&D letter may get their attention.)
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    Help with removing GMB Amenities

    Yes. You need to either: Keep contacting Google support each time Keep updating the GMB amenities data from the GMB management interface each time Use bulk upload feature to upload/overwrite user-suggested data with your data on a regular basis (once/week or month) Write up an API interface to...
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    How Does GMB Connect Your FB, etc. Reviews?

    What I've done to connect the social accounts to the main business is to include the SameAs markup within structured data on the site. sameAs -
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    Web 2.0 Backlinking, True or False?

    Had one business that was using a lot of these profile links with the typical spam profile of one post that included the link back to the business - usually copying a lot of the text straight from the target landing page. Their visibility was going nowhere. Once I discovered these in an audit...
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    Facebook Locations and NAPS

    Yes - for your local businesses it makes sense to engage locally. The parent/child setup also allows for more monitoring. Example Locations page within Facebook:
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    Three Pack To Be ALL "Sponsored" With Google's New Home Service Ads

    Google is figuring out to better monetize these listings. Take a look at Hotel Price Ads (HPA) for any hotel searches. That's where Google is going to go for any broad searches that lend themselves to a monetization model. Looking long term, I won't be surprised to see more and more ad or...
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    Google Local Carousel - OFFICIALLY Launched!

    I'm seeing that the generic query is replaced by the exact location query and only the final query (which Google has so helpfully chosen) is passed on to analytics. You can see this in webmaster tools under query impressions. I've already seen instances of the same number of impressions for a...