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  1. Zhanna

    A business completely disappeared from Google Local Finder

    Hi guys! I wonder what could cause the complete disappearing of business from Google Local Finder. The only thing I have done with it, added all the information to GMB account and Google Site. I have never seen anything like that in my practice, please help, any ideas will be very much...
  2. Zhanna

    Does Local SEO for small hotels return the investments?

    Hi! Anyone can share some insights if people really search and book hotels via Google? Or how changes this balance between Booking, Google and other platforms. And in such hyper-competition, whether the investment in the Local SEO for small boutique hotels pays off?
  3. Zhanna

    Autoselected short descriptions of businesses on maps

    Hi, dear local search community! I have noticed today that Google Started to show short descriptions on Maps and in the Knowledge panel. Does anyone have an idea where the texts come from and are it possible to change it?