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  1. SEOExpertBrad

    Multi Location question

    Shame, I was going to report them. If you need lead gen sites like this to keep clients, I would say to reevaluate your business plan and its longevity.
  2. SEOExpertBrad

    Multi Location question

    Please send me the sites, I will be happy to look into things. But in order to fully help I need the other lead gen sites you mention as well.
  3. SEOExpertBrad

    Finding keywords that generate 3 pack search results

    Semrush has the ability to sort by 3 pack.
  4. SEOExpertBrad

    Google: Domain Authority is not a ranking signal

    Loaded question, domain authority is a dated moz metric. Domain “trust’ is a different story. But how that “trust” is calculated....
  5. SEOExpertBrad

    How do the big SEO firms achieve results so fast and economical for clients?

    Phill, You just summed up 95% of SEO agencies. It’s sad what the industry has turned into. What is even more amazing is how many people have their head in the sand.
  6. SEOExpertBrad

    Maps Help Needed - Ready to hire the right Google pro!

    Is your location legit, not a virtual office, etc? Has it been used for a previous similar business before? Just taking a stab, on mobile at the moment. Scratch that.
  7. SEOExpertBrad

    Thoroughly Confused: Which Way to Go?

    If they all use the same company, huge red flag. Conflict of interest if targeting same area. I can do some digging Monday, on mobile at the moment.
  8. SEOExpertBrad

    Thoroughly Confused: Which Way to Go?

    Without seeing your site, hard to give much info. But dallas is notorious for abuse in the legal field on google thanks to a few local rogue seo"companies". I won't take legal clients in Dallas. No interest in the churn and burn game the competition is using. It is possible they are now...
  9. SEOExpertBrad

    Attorney SERP Results

    As an SEO in Dallas who has legal clients, here are my thoughts. There are a couple large SEO players who have been hammering lawyer results in dallas for the last 2-3 years. I mean relentless. I have seen firms change domains on a regular basis after a ban, pop back up, rinse, repeat. These...
  10. SEOExpertBrad

    Why do some city/services pages rank organically and others do not?

    Four different websites, 1 for each service is against google policy. Unless each business has a unique address/license. City pages can be done within google guidelines ( a bit of a gray area IMHO), they take work and unique content. In the end, Google wants your pages to add real value to...
  11. SEOExpertBrad

    Why do some city/services pages rank organically and others do not? I do SEO following googles best practices. Sure, you may see short term wins, but long term I prefer to play by the roles with my clients websites. Last thing I want is a client to wake up one day and be gone from google.....
  12. SEOExpertBrad

    Why do some city/services pages rank organically and others do not?

    How long have they ranked for? They look very spammy to me. I'm on mobile, so I can't provide much useful information. Just be careful, google doorway page penalty. oh man that footer..... your seo isn't sustainable long term. But, I've seen worse from professional "SEO's".
  13. SEOExpertBrad

    Could use some advice dealing with a Local GMB spammer....

    So my largest client is a medical spa. They have always ranked 1-3 for the major keywords organic and local. About a year ago, a large medical practice started to open numerous GMB locations that are keyword targeted to the most profitable services. Imagine "Dr. Breast Implant". All of these...
  14. SEOExpertBrad

    Toll free numbers

    I have a client who uses an 855 toll free vanity number, he is dead set on using it against my advice. They rank at the top for all targeted terms in local 3 pack....
  15. SEOExpertBrad

    More citations, better rating than competitors yet the ranking...

    How long has it been? I have seen local rankings take 3-6 moths. How are your organic listings?
  16. SEOExpertBrad

    GMB name and company name

    Perfect example. I own , my business is dallas website design inc, yet there are 5 dallas website design listed in google. After I refocus on that biz, I will start complaining.
  17. SEOExpertBrad

    GMB name and company name

    + city or + service will rank higher in local, thus many people take advantage and google does little.
  18. SEOExpertBrad

    What is the Google Home Service Ads Program?

    It is the beginning of the end to google local......
  19. SEOExpertBrad

    What to Charge for a Local SEO Audit

    Re: what to charge for a local SEO audit? A local audit, not much. My goal is long term business, I don't need to make a quick $500. Think long term.