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    Optimizing Image Galleries

    I try and go all out with my gallery optimizations. Use a good keyword name on the phone (keyword-name.jpg) and then be sure to take advantage of all the tags (alt, title..etc). If you can squeeze some text onto the gallery page that's a plus as well!
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    The (Final Official) End of Google Toolbar PageRank

    RIP to PR. Thankfully it didn't take very long for other (what I consider better) tools to come along. It's all about Majestic now! :)
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    Easiest and best way to create a website

    Re: easiest and best way to create a website I would also say it's probably best to stick with Wordpress. Weebly and some of those other places make it pretty easy, but your domain will also be a free "" unless you pay them. Get a domain, setup some hosting, and just throw...
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    Angie's List Paid Advertising: How much monthly? Any success with dental clients

    Never advertised on there, but the site obviously gets decent traffic with all the TV commercials they run. I spoke with a contractor once who said he's never gotten a call from someone saying they found him on Angie's List, so that would make me a little hesitant, lol.
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    Flagging Fake Reviews

    I don't think just one flag will do the trick. I've never had luck when reporting things in the past, but I've become convinced there needs to be multiple complaints before anything gets taken down.