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  1. bruce@brucejone

    Google Keeps Changing Phone Number on Listing

    If you share the listing and the number I would be happy to research it for you.
  2. bruce@brucejone

    Confused.. Very low authority websites keep ranking higher in Google Maps

    it's showing a hotel for me. gorbrewhouse - Google Search Also see some errors in localbusiness structured data. And some possible duplicate GMB listings here: PlePer Tools - Find duplicate listings in Google My Business
  3. bruce@brucejone

    Would changing the main business category drop a GMB rankings significantly or at all if it's in the same industry?

    I have been using this tool to answer the question of what categories others are using that are ranking for certain keywords. PlePer Tools - GMB Category Helper
  4. bruce@brucejone

    How do I set notifications for Google my Business edits that were not done by us or our clients and how to know what Google updated?

    Local Viking has an alert system that you can set via email or text that notifies you when a change has been made.
  5. bruce@brucejone

    Opinions Wanted - hyphenate or not to hyphenate

    I would use it without the hyphen due to increased search volume that way comparing the two version in Google Trends.,mini%20split
  6. bruce@brucejone

    Change to reviews from same IP address?

    Unless they were connected to the dental practice's Wi Fi hot spot they would use the IP address from their cellular carrier.
  7. bruce@brucejone

    Local Viking

    I use Local Viking a little. The schedule a post or image, notification services and geogrid reporting features are nice.
  8. bruce@brucejone

    How to add or edit your signature

    Ok I get it, thanks. What would be allowed or acceptable for a normal member like myself?
  9. bruce@brucejone

    How to add or edit your signature

    DJ, does the "Latest Blog:" content get pulled in automatically or is manually created?
  10. bruce@brucejone

    Three Locations...Landing page suggestions?

    I would create a new page for each location and include the location in the url, the service and the location in the meta title and the page content. Include address and contact info on each page. Then I would link each GMB to these location pages. Then I would add a locations tab in the menu...
  11. bruce@brucejone

    Clients Willing To Link To Each Other

    If I was going to do that I would link to an inner page from an inner page related to a specific service. In my opinion that would be better than trading home page links.
  12. bruce@brucejone

    Optimizing Images For GMB - Things Have Changed

    I have heard the case for and against optimizing images before adding to GMB and wanted to share my findings. I have done quite a bit of image optimization in the past because when I would download an image from a GMB listing and check it, the image would still contain all of the EXIF & GPS...
  13. bruce@brucejone

    Is it worth changing http external backlinks to https?

    At one time a 301 redirect was reported as loosing 10%-15% of link authority, then Google more recently said nothing would be lost. 301 Redirects Rules Change: What You Need to Know for SEO Personally I would update any links on my own website and moving forward make sure I was referencing the...
  14. bruce@brucejone

    Best Method of Reporting Virtual Offices in Maps

    I was wondering the same thing, there is no clear way to flag a virtual office. I recently flagged a few listings using "does not exist" and a screenshot showing the virtual office website at the same address of the listings as shown. It has been a few days and so far about a 50% success rate.