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    Business with Old Place page and new Google + page: what to do?

    Hey guys. So my business has two different dashboards that are accessible to me: the old places page and a new Google + page. When I sign into Google's places website, it takes me to the old dashboard. However, on my personal Google + page, apparently I've setup a Google+ business page and can...
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    Attorney categories: Why am I still getting calls for a category I don't have listed?

    Hey guys - I've been trying to fix this issue for quite some time, but haven't got it completely to work yet. I used to advertise and market bankruptcy pretty heavily and my listing shows up for a bankruptcy attorney. However, I want to change this so that I can get calls from my other...
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    Subdomain vs subfolder - what works better for multiple locations?

    Hey guys - I've got a business which multiple locations, what are your opinions on using a subdomain for each address versus a subfolder. For example, using "" vs "". Any ideas? Thoughts? Opinions? Thanks in advance!
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    Link Building to G+ Page?

    Hey guys, this might be a dumb question. Should we be building links to the business' G+ page? Does this in anyway, shape or form affect rankings or help at all? Logically, I would think yes. Links from the business' site, directories, or other relevant sites. Anyone have any...
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    NAP Changed Slightly, how can i edit hundreds of secondary sites???

    Hey guys. So I have this dilemma I realized. A while back our suite number changed, but we're still at the same address. I changed our NAP (suite #) with all the major citations sites, but it appears that a year later there are hundreds of other "secondary" directories that are still showing the...
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    Schema: Localbusiness vs business category tag

    Hey guys, I was searching this question on Google and actually landed on a thread on here that wasn't answered, so if someone can answer, it would be great! When placing microdata on your site is it better to use the generic LocalBusiness (LocalBusiness - or something more specific...
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    How do I know if a listing was hit with a penalty?

    Hey guys. What is a sure way of knowing whether your local listing was hit with a penalty or whether something against the guidelines was holding your listing back from ranking? I'm thinking a site I manage has been hit with a penalty, but I can't seem to figure it out. Some things that I think...
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    Website updates: Has anyone noticed increase in rankings to sites regularly updated?

    Hello everyone. Has anyone noticed a correlation in website updates to increased rankings? Was wondering if the more you update your site, the more receptive Google is to ranking your site. What about posting on a Google+ business page, any increase in rankings? Thanks in advance!
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    Should I delete and start over? Showing old places dashboard, but have new Google +

    Hey guys. My places account was setup a couple years back, when the old places pages were around. I can't remember if I updated my account manually to create new Google + social business pages or not, but in any event, it appears that I have two accounts with back-end dashboards - one for the...