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    Knowledge Panel No Longer Showing

    We just took on a new client within the past month. While his current site is lacking proper markup, a search for his practice by name did result in a SERP that included the right side knowledge panel. Suddenly yesterday, no knowledge panel. Has anyone seen this? Some change, perhaps, that...
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    No Links to Yelp?

    With a few of our clients we have added Yelp icons along with all of their other social media (which all link to the associated pages of course), but I have just read a post that says you should not be linking to Yelp, is this true? I never thought/knew that it could be looked at negatively to...
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    Header and Footer PHP Files won't allow diff NAP/Schema

    We have been implementing many of the tips from Linda's latest training using a unique landing page for each brick and mortar location of a business. The issue is that for many of the websites that our web dev creates use ONE header.php and footer.php file for all of the pages in the domain...
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    Google Reviews Posting / Not Posting - Interesting Find

    My company works specifically in the dental/orthodontic realm - which is admittedly more scrutinized than many industries in terms of Google reviews. We've been chasing our tails to find a rhyme or reason as to why some reviews make it through while others don't. In general terms: company...
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    Reviews Not Showing

    I've seen a trend with at least 10 of our clients (orthodontists) whereby their patients are stating that they've left reviews for the practice, which show up in their (patients') Google+ accounts, but never seem to go live on the practice's Google+ Local page. And it truly seems to be hit and...