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  1. spadilla

    Has anyone received Google Ads credits yet?

    No - I have two clients with sizeable ad spend budgets who paused all ads in March and filled out the first and second forms, but have heard nothing.
  2. spadilla

    Changing the address of a SAB business

    With the change to SAB businesses, I don't see where it's possible to update the physical address to be re-verified. Does anyone have any insight on this? We moved across the country and need to update our verified address in hopes of ranking a bit better in the new locale. Thanks in advance for...
  3. spadilla

    Nifty tool to get a direct link to review on Google

    I was able to create a link from that tool that showed the pop-up right away. I personally do not like pre-populating star ratings, as it seems a bit shady. But, to each their own.
  4. spadilla

    Nifty tool to get a direct link to review on Google

    Hi all! I don't know if this has been posted before, but I found this nifty tool that let me quickly get a direct link to review client's businesses on Google. I know the way to get a link changes often and the links I have had saved...
  5. spadilla

    Ranking in a different city

    It looks like you made edits to the existing N. Salt Lake City page to now read Bountiful - is that correct? I am guessing this by way of the URL which reads North Salt Lake. If so, how long ago did you make the change? I am curious as to the effects on your rankings for N Salt Lake by changing...
  6. spadilla

    Local Consultants: Do you Include Blogging in Your Local SEO Package?

    I know this is an old(ish) thread, but it has some good insight and it's on topic with regards to something I have been milling over in my head. So, instead of starting a new thread, I hope it's okay to tag on to this one :) I have clients who rank nationally for well written articles and...
  7. spadilla

    Schema for multiple locations with primary location

    @tcolling have you tried the widget visibility sub-plugin that comes with jetpack? I've been using it on all my sites and have been happy with it, as I am able to have the widget show or hide on a taxonomy level in addition to individual pages or...
  8. spadilla

    Using Inc or LLC in business name for citations

    Darren, thank you for this! I knew the answer must be out there somewhere. I greatly appreciate it.
  9. spadilla

    Using Inc or LLC in business name for citations

    I think the issue we had previously was that there are government type of databases which have listings for the INC/LLC names which for obvious reasons can't be changed. For example a DBA search on a county website or a corporation search on the state's website. I imagine that if indexed, Google...
  10. spadilla

    Using Inc or LLC in business name for citations

    Hi all! I am having trouble finding a definitive answer to this. I know that when building citations we should use the business' legal name or DBA. I have a client, who has not registered a DBA without "Inc" and suddenly feels like Inc is too formal and wants it removed from all listings across...
  11. spadilla

    Heads Up - Google Either Moving OR Removing Search Location Setting

    Brilliant! I can confirm this exact thing. I have logged in with multiple accounts not associated with a mobile phone and the location setting is there. Any account that is associated with an Android phone account (meaning linked up with Google Play, etc.) the location setting is gone. This...
  12. spadilla

    Personal Injury Lawyer Wants to Rank in Tons of Cities

    Kick rocks? Kidding aside - that sounds like a nightmare in the works. Someone with unrealistic expectations off the bat means a whole lot of hand holding and explaining "why". People who know just enough to be dangerous to themselves are scary. Don't let them drag you down with them.
  13. spadilla

    Contractors: Free Google Webinar on Digital Marketing for Home Services

    I am hoping I can attend. If I do, I will let you know any interesting findings. I have several clients in this space and I am really curious about the home service ads, too. Thank you for the heads-up Linda!
  14. spadilla

    How to Handle Seasonal Hours?

    Hello all! I am dealing with a rather perplexing (at least to me) problem regarding one of my clients who has seasonal hours. This client has several locations with hours that change three times per year. Normally, they would go in and just edit the page and then go to Yelp and update the...
  15. spadilla

    Consultants: Have you Tried PEEK for your Local Search Clients Yet?

    I got our peek back and was impressed by the quality and quick turn around. Our reviewer didn't have anything negative to say, except that our site loads slow. So, that is great ammo to show the client to explain it's time to upgrade the hosting! Thanks again Linda. I plan to use this regularly!
  16. spadilla

    Consultants: Have you Tried PEEK for your Local Search Clients Yet?

    I just submitted a client's site. Thanks!
  17. spadilla

    Yahoo Local, can no longer update listing?

    Yes!! I completely agree with you! It's terrible. I am actually using the new dashboard and it gives constant errors and seems like I am getting no where most of the time. This particular client has several locations and I logged into the dashboard with their account and saw all of their...
  18. spadilla

    Yahoo Local, can no longer update listing?

    I know this is an old thread, but I am struggling with this infinite loop on Yahoo local as well. I have gotten to the listing dashboard where all of my client's listings were once claimed and now, although they show in the dashboard, they aren't showing "verified". Is this something that you...
  19. spadilla

    When is a listing considered a duplicate?

    Thanks so much for the warm welcome and your detailed reply. It looks like I've got some work ahead of me!
  20. spadilla

    When is a listing considered a duplicate?

    I have a client who was working with an SEO guy that disappeared a couple of years back. He created a keyword-match domain and submitted that domain to the aggregators and when he went MIA the domain went offline. The sites that are still showing the listing don't show the actual company name...