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  1. spadilla

    Changing the address of a SAB business

    With the change to SAB businesses, I don't see where it's possible to update the physical address to be re-verified. Does anyone have any insight on this? We moved across the country and need to update our verified address in hopes of ranking a bit better in the new locale. Thanks in advance for...
  2. spadilla

    Nifty tool to get a direct link to review on Google

    Hi all! I don't know if this has been posted before, but I found this nifty tool that let me quickly get a direct link to review client's businesses on Google. I know the way to get a link changes often and the links I have had saved...
  3. spadilla

    Using Inc or LLC in business name for citations

    Hi all! I am having trouble finding a definitive answer to this. I know that when building citations we should use the business' legal name or DBA. I have a client, who has not registered a DBA without "Inc" and suddenly feels like Inc is too formal and wants it removed from all listings across...
  4. spadilla

    How to Handle Seasonal Hours?

    Hello all! I am dealing with a rather perplexing (at least to me) problem regarding one of my clients who has seasonal hours. This client has several locations with hours that change three times per year. Normally, they would go in and just edit the page and then go to Yelp and update the...
  5. spadilla

    When is a listing considered a duplicate?

    I have a client who was working with an SEO guy that disappeared a couple of years back. He created a keyword-match domain and submitted that domain to the aggregators and when he went MIA the domain went offline. The sites that are still showing the listing don't show the actual company name...