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  1. KungFuBacklinks

    Old G+ Business Page (Local Type) and Proper Verified G+ Local Listing

    Hi folks, I have a few companies I'm working with that have an old business page that was created as a local type many moons ago, back when they weren't being prompted to be verified. These companies also have legit verified G+ Local listings, new ones. Now in the new dash, they have both...
  2. KungFuBacklinks

    Your experience with Periods, Commas and special characters in the business name?

    G'day all, I'm hoping some of you can share your experience with business names containing a lot of periods and commas, as in a name with "Inc." For example 1) Company Name Co., Inc. - notice two periods and a comma 2) Company Name, Inc. 3) Company Name Inc 4) Company Name It has been my...
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    Dentist bought existing practice - name and phone number change - questions

    Hey all, I have a situation I have never come across before, and I want to make sure I'm being as careful as possible: I have a dentist that decided to start her new practice by purchasing an existing practice. The existing practice is well established online with plenty of citations and a...
  4. KungFuBacklinks

    Google Plus Business Page - Being FORCED to Verify??

    Hi all, Just wanted to report something new I've noticed: I usually have my assistants create business pages. They tell me they usually select the local business category, and things always go off without a hitch, today, though, I notice that creating a Local Business category Business Page...
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    Added new images in the dashboard but they aren't live yet?

    Hi all, I did a search to see if this has come up before. If it has and this is old news to everyone, my apologies. I've noticed a common problem with new and updated listings: 1) In the case of new listings that have not had images before, the images never seem to go live after adding them...
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    4-Digit extension on Zip Codes?

    Hi all, I have a client that has an office with a Box number. Rather than put "Box 1234" in the address and potentially confuse a Google employee into thinking it's just a PO Box, we're going with "Suite 1234," but the post office says we need to put the "1234" after the zip code like so...