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    Temporarily Closed-But Not!

    We have 4 locations in MAryland and Google marked this locations as Temporarily Closed but they are not. ANy idea why Google would do this? Trying to find explanation for client. Only thing I can think of MD is a hot spot for Covid-19 and assumed they were closed?
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    Covid 19 GMB Posts

    Hi everyone We added a Covid 19 related post to GMB and it didnt sit any higher on the knowledge panel like they said it would. Has anyone seen a Covid 19 post go higher in knowledge panel? From SearchEngineLand: Google My Business Launches New Post Type for COVID-19 Related Announcements -...
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    GMB Support

    Welp--looks like GMB support via email now has been completely removed. THe only option is to post to the GMB support forums. I have a huge issue where my clients website provider went down last week. Google stripped their URL's from their GMB pages. We put them back in and now all 200 listings...
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    UTM Tracking Being Removed

    HI everyone We use UTM tracking on our clients GMB listings and the UTM tracking keeps getting stripped from the URL. We reached out to GMB support as this has happened many times and no matter how many times we put back the tracking, updates takes it out GMB support wasnt helpful and told my...
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    February GMB Insights-HUGE DROP

    Hi all I know there has been some rumors of a recent February algorithm update for Google. I just pulled Insights for 2 clients--one in banking and one in healthcare and both dropped massively for February(almost by a milllion views each) Has anyone else seen this????
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    Green Map Pin

    Hi everyone We had a question come in today that I am stumped on. They wanted to know why their marker was red while the Fountain Hills one is in green?
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    GMB categories

    Hi all Is there anywhere to get the list of new categories for Google My Business as they add them. Not sure how often they do it but as you can imagine to have to go through thousands of categories seems impossible. I am not sure if there is somewhere they list just the new ones they added and...
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    Bulk Verified Dashboard

    Is there any way to tell a dashboard has been bulk verified? Many times we get client credentials but we cant tell(other than by adding a location). Is there anywhere in the dashboard where they tell you its bulk verified? I swear it used to say it somewhere at one point
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    Verifying GMB listings

    Hi everyone Previously when you would request access to a managed listing, Google would provide a partial view of the email address of who owns it and send them a notification that you are requesting ownership of the listing. They would have 7 days then you might be able to get access. Now...
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    Photos on GMB not Appearing

    So we have had this issue since October where if we add any photos to any clients dashboard--the photos are in dashboard but not appearing on listing. Yes they are to spec. Yes I have talked to support about 35 times. Then I came across this today...
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    Appointment URL: Not Available

    Hi everyone For some reason the appointment URL is not available for a healthcare provider we manage for their hospitals. It is available for a facility that specializes in a specific category (e.g. Pediatrics). However, if the category is hospital it does not offer the appointment link...
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    Departments in Knowledge Panel

    Hi everyone How does Google determine Departments showing in the knowledge panel. We have a health related client who has these showing on a listing we manage. Some of the "departments" listed are pages we manage with same address. However, some of them are on a completely different street...
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    "Planning" in GMB

    Hi everyone! Does anyone have any info as far as the newish "Planning" section for GMB. We have a health facility that we are seeing these on but theres no rhyme or reason to them. We are wondering how they are assigning these. Some also have "Accepting New Patients" and some dont.
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    Google Q & A NOT on listings

    Hi everyone So this is a new one. We wanted to place some FAQ's using Google Q & A feature on the GMB listings. Only thing is when we went to do it--there is nowhere on the listings to "Ask a Question" via a browser on a PC or laptop. The only way the option shows up is using chrome via mobile...
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    Google Q & A Email Notifications

    Hey all Refresh my memory--Google will not send email notifications for your locations if you are over so many locations correct? And if so, how many locations is it that they do NOT notify you. Want to possibly upsell client to Gather up. Thanks!
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    Street View & Street Name Issue

    Hi everyone So we are having an issue for a client that has to do with Google Maps Client has a verified page Client built a facility and the city changed the name from one name to another. This is recognized by USPS with the new street name. Heck even Apple Maps updated their info. Google...
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    Moz/Uberall Partnership

    We use Moz and they are going through a transition and have partnered with Uberall for their Moz Local product. Is anyone else dealing with this transition?
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    User Edits-What is Going On?

    So we were doing an audit of one of our client's GMB listings (NOT LOGGED IN) to make sure they were appearing properly on Google Search & Maps. One thing we noticed was user edits are showing up in the knowledge panel of their verified listings. For example, a user suggested the phone number...
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    Hey everyone We have a client who has some listings where an 800 number is appearing on and we have zero idea where the info is coming from. This client has Moz and Yext. I have been doing some digging and noticed it looks like Yext dropped them as a partner and
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    Create a short name & URL for your business

    Hi everyone! We noticed that Google is allowing a short URl & name for GMB but for the life of us we dont know why anyone would do this or what value it would bring. The article from support we found is below. We arent sure when this even happened. Anyone familiar with this? To be clear, we...