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    A Case Study on Local Search Keywords & Traffic

    Hey guys, We recently did a case study for our industry and would love if someone else would be able to do one since we are restricted to a specific demographic. The case study shows that, aside from branded terms, keywords rank low on the first page, or not at all, are driving near %66 of...
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    Did Google Maps misplace San Antonio, TX?

    Well ok, so maybe its not missing but it isn't searchable in Google Maps. A recent search shows that searching for "San Antonio, TX" does not yield any results for the city. The old Google Maps only shows one listing called "San Antonio Car Carrier". - Props to those guys for some good local SEO...
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    Google+ Local Display Update - New About Page Layout

    Some may already be seeing the new update where Google has changed the layout to 3 columns which seems to focus on reviews. A "widget", of sorts, that includes 3 buttons (Review, Directions and Photos) now shows up in the top left. This makes it easier for the user to find where to leave a...
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    Google Update (Screenshots): Product bar at the top is gone.

    Decided to post in this thread if anyone is scared that Google+ has disappeared. I have received an update to my search page and the black product bar at the top is gone. Here are some shots for your viewing pleasure. I'm not seeing this as affecting the SERP's so it must be just another tweak.
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    Google allowing Management of Places Listings. Can anyone else confirm?

    In the past you have never been able to assign management to another person for a Google Places for Business listing. You've always had to claim the listing into a new account, especially if you're an agency, and your client has no clue what account the listing is connected to. More recently...
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    Case Study: Images for businesses on the carousel local results. With Images!

    How Does Google Choose the Image For the New Places Carousel Results? The moment of truth has arrived, and it?s now time to talk about the question we?ve all been asking ourselves since Google?s Carousel update: ?How does Google pick the image on the carousel listings?? Well, hopefully I...
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    New Google Maps Hangout Scheduled

    OK guys, I have recently had access to play with the new Google Maps as seen in the previous thread Video Walkthrough of New Google Maps - Impact on Local SEO. True to my word, I would like to have a Google Hangout and let anyone direct me on where to go, so we can all geek out at once...
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    Video Walkthrough of New Google Maps - Impact on Local SEO

    Good day! With the upcoming release of the new Google maps there have been a ton of questions and speculation. I hope this video will help answer some of those. I would love to do a Google hangout and share my screen if there are any questions that remain unanswered. Enjoy...
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    SLC | SEM - Questions for Mike Ramsey on Local Search or G+?

    I will be at SLC|SEM this Wednesday, May 15th 2013. If anyone would like me to ask him questions, please let me know on Google+, here, or at my blog. I will be monitoring all 3 :D
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    No need to Postcard verify a +page in the new Places Dashboard

    Good morning. Not sure if this has been brought up. I had a question in a previous post weather or not a new Google+ Local page needed to be verified by postcard. No one could answer my question so I give the answer to all of you. Here is a quick 2 min walkthrough for claiming a listing and...
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    A REALLY cool way to get your Google+ page to stand out!

    From my blog Well Google+, I've got to give it to you. You have 1 upped Facebook and the more I use you, the more you're growing on me. Here is something really cool that will help your plus page stand out weather it is a Local Business or personal page. Now it may not be unknown, it certainly...
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    Remove an unwanted listing from the new Places Dashboard!

    Hey guys, I've found a temporary work around to remove a listing from your dashboard. Sorry if it's old news. You can view the original Here and the walk through below: I thought I would offer a little insight on a feature that "seems" to have been removed. In the old Google Places, you had the...