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    What is a live video call?

    We are a national chain trying to verify a new location and I am getting the runaround. You would think they would want us to verify another location. What is a Live Video Call? Here is the reply... Your listing could not be verified to appear on Google Search and Maps because we could not...
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    Change GMB Verification from Postcard to Phone

    We have a new location that we thought we could get mail. I tried and it turns out we can't. But we do have a phone number. How or who do I contact to get a phone verification? It is not an option. If it makes a difference this is one of several that we have already verified. I called the...
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    Beacon? One of my clients just got a Beacon for a location. What to do?

    I have a client that just got a beacon in the mail. They are reluctant to use it. Is it worth it? Can anyone shed some light on the beacon from Google? I don't see much on the forum about it.
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    Link back to Google+ or Google Maps or Search from individual location website pages?

    If on a company website you have a business locator and therefore a page for each location. In the description and links for that place do you link back to the Google+ page or to the listing in Google Maps or maybe Google Search? I have been linking back to Google+. Anybody know if there is...
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    Google's new posts - scheduling automated posting tool?

    How to schedule posts? I manage many Google My Business pages and want to schedule posts on the new posts that have been added recently... I use Hootsuite, and they say they are not offering posting to the new posts in Google My Business I asked Buffer, and they said...
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    Citations importance in claiming and losing or GMB listings.

    Please let me know if I am asking this in the right part of the forum. I have clients with several locations. I wonder if I need to focus more on citations to fix the issues I'm having with Google verifying my listings and losing existing locations. #1 I have recently had situations where a...
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    Tool to Search for a List Specific Address Locations to See if They are Listed in Map

    I was wondering if there was a tool or a way that I could search maps for a list of locations that are in spreadsheet format, CSV or similar I would provide the tool with the list of 121 address locations, and it would search maps and let me know if any of those are a listing in maps. These...