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    Do you need a Google account to leave a review?

    I agree, not a bad thing. I get it from the business owner's perspective of making it more complicated for the customer. If you are using Google's service, creating an account is not an unreasonable requirement.
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    Do you need a Google account to leave a review?

    You need to have a Google account (not necessarily a Gmail account. You can sign up for Google services with any email address). Youtube, Google Drive, any Google service...
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    Easiest plugin to migrate [transfer] WP site?

    Duplicator - Duplicator – WordPress Migration Plugin If this site is large (maybe 350MB+) then excluding the upload directory and migrating that separate would probably make sense. (assuming most of the content is in the upload directory) Shared hosting like GoDaddy sometimes kills the process...
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    Speed Plugin for WordPress sites

    I fix and optimize WordPress on a daily basis. Lots of good advice here. Everyone is right too, meaning it is a combination of factors that you need to address to fully optimize and improve your site. Just installing a cache plugin is not the magic solution. While caching plugins can cause...