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    Does Google Use A SAB's Mobile Phone Location/s As A Signal?

    Does Google use a local service area business's mobile phone location/s as it would a stationary business's address? I have a lawn care client who's leads come from areas he's actually visited very recently. He uses a Google voice number with mobile tracking and Google timeline functions...
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    Google no longer shows ads on right side, adds another ad spot to the top of the SERP

    Confirmed: Google To Stop Showing Ads On Right Side Of Desktop Search Results Worldwide Up to 4 ads possible on top for commercial intent search terms. This will push other results down further and maybe force more competition for ad auction.
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    Operating a local directory as a marketing strategy?

    Does anyone on the forum operate there own local listings directory as a means to attract and market to local businesses? This seems like a natural way to keep track of the local business scene and advertise one's local SEO agency. My thinking is that spending time and effort promoting the...
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    G Maps listing Used to Steal FBI and CIA Communications

    Okay, so, if you are a small business then Google will make you prove your identity as if you were the FBI but if you claim you are the FBI then Google will give you the green light.
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    Why Some Google Places Results Not Underlined?

    I've searched but have yet to find an answer -why are some Google Places pack results not underlined while others are?