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  1. DFoertsch

    Experience with Thumbtack Leads

    This thread jogged my memory, listened to an interview a while back w/ Thumbtack's founder. I've bid on a handful of Thumbtack projects myself, but wasn't thrilled with the lack of response from the companies that were looking for help. If I'm...
  2. DFoertsch

    "Distributed by Yellowpages" -- Google & Yellowpages Partnership

    You're seeing this just for Canadian results, correct? Just tried replicating the results for some US cities and the map data is attributed solely to Google - no mention of YP.
  3. DFoertsch

    Anyone submitting to Nokia Maps?

    In early 2013 I submitted approx two dozen sites for the same client to Nokia Maps, and the postcards rarely got to the business locations. I tried multiple times to get the postcards resent, with the same poor results. It was especially frustrating since Bing was displaying bad pin locations...
  4. DFoertsch

    MapQuest Local Business Center is Shutting Down

    Mapquest also has a blog post on the topic, it seems to cover some of your concerns. How You Manage Your Business on MapQuest Is Changing It seems they'll be leaning on Localeze to care for changes/corrections to existing listings...
  5. DFoertsch

    MapQuest Local Business Center is Shutting Down

    Guess Mapquest's love affair with local search has ended. :confused: Received this email today from Mapquest & Yext: <tbody> from: MapQuest to: date: Wed, Jan 22, 2014 at 9:46 PM subject: MapQuest Local Business Center is Shutting Down mailed-by...
  6. DFoertsch

    Killer, High End, Out-of-the-Box Ideas for Local Business Listings

    Good morning Linda, can I suggest this as a future webinar topic? I work with Frank Clark at Trusted Photo Maryland, he's one of Google's 2012 Business Photos award winners. We could go through the process & address some of the questions your readers have. david @ trustedphotomd dot com if you'd...
  7. DFoertsch

    How to Get Menu Shown on Google Local Listing for a Restaurant?

    Maybe this company used Locu or Yext for menu submission?