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  1. TheHighlander

    New Client, Previous Provider Added Domain To GSC Remove URLs

    Hi, I ran into something yesterday and was curious if anyone has encountered similar incidents. We started onboarding a new legal client, and before gaining access to their GA/GSC properties I started my own audit. After screaming frog everything appeared normal, their site had some broken...
  2. TheHighlander

    Are websites on duplicate IP addresses harmful?

    Happy Monday Local Search! I encountered a question yesterday about IP addresses that I haven't been able to clear up and was hoping I could get some added insight from the local search experts. There are 5 websites (at least) hosted on the exact same ip address. Every digit in the string is...
  3. TheHighlander

    Capturing A New Clients Blog Authority

    Hail Local Search Forum! I have a new legal client I am working with that is going to be re-launching their site after leaving Justia. I would like to try and maintain as much authority as possible for them during this but have hit a speedbump since the other agency owns their blog domain. The...