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  1. warrenpd

    Reviews not showing up in GMB Dashboard

    Hi, Here is a screen shot of the Dashboard And here is a link to the G+ page
  2. warrenpd

    Reviews not showing up in GMB Dashboard

    Hi all, I recently took over a new account and the business has a lot of reviews in Google. I've always been able to respond to reviews through GMB dashboard. For some reason it doesnt show up at all for this account and I have owner level access. Anyone else ever have this problem?
  3. warrenpd

    Schema for College

    Hi all, I'm kind of unexperienced with schema and I wanted to get some advice on what markup you would use for a college with multiple campus locations
  4. warrenpd

    Detached Listings and Schema Markup

    Has anyone here ever fixed a detached listing issues after adding some local schema markup? I'm working on a multi location business with great organic rankings but a bunch of detached maps issues.
  5. warrenpd

    Rolling Penguin Update

    How does everyone feel about the impending real time penguin update? I feel like it might have a very negative impact on local link building.
  6. warrenpd

    Goodbye 7 Packs! Only 3 Packs with No Phone # or Address for All Local Results

    I feel like this is just Google taking one step closer to implementing paid local search results across the board just like they are testing with the San Francisco Plumbers.
  7. warrenpd

    Subdomain vs Subdirectory Issue

    Hi all, I have an interesting issue I could use some advice on. I have a client with 17 locations. On all of their GMB pages the subdomain is listed as the landing page. They are structured like this. The also have location based subdirectory pages on their main site...
  8. warrenpd

    Yahoo Local Business Listings

    Yahoo is very difficult to delete/update listings on. You can try and reclaim the listing and edit it but the edits have to approved and can take months to be applied. If you are just trying to delete it you are going to have to find out where Yahoo is pulling the listing information from...
  9. warrenpd

    Local Citation Tool for Multiple Locations

    Thanks Dustybones. Whatever I get will have to be able to add/remove citations from the larger data aggregaters. I am looking for the best option between Yext, Brightlocal, Moz and Whitespark. Ive used Moz for one location business but I think it might be cost prohibitive for something with like...
  10. warrenpd

    Local Citation Tool for Multiple Locations

    All, I just wanted to get everyone's opinion on what they think the best tool is to use for managing multiple GMB location pages? I have 17 for a client and I'm trying to figure out what to set them up with.
  11. warrenpd

    Duplicate in Name of Business with Attorneys and Doctors

    Infogroup will delete practitioner profiles but you need to go through a process to verify that you are the practitioner. I had to claim the listing, call them and then have the attorney email them from her verified account. Then they deleted it.
  12. warrenpd

    Using State in Page Titles

    I guess this could be considered an organic question too but does anyone have an opinion on using the state in your page titles vs just the city?
  13. warrenpd

    Looking for Some general SEO Framework to follow

    The kind of SEO resources you may need really depends on what type of business you have. Is it eCommerce, local location based or something else? If you have to serve a local area you are going to need both local SEO and organic SEO. Here is a very extensive audit from Moz on local SEO but it...
  14. warrenpd

    How to eliminate a spammy local pack?

    Its hard to tell without more information. Like, are you also ranking organically for keywords you want? How many citations do you have compared to your competitors? Are your citations completely optimized. Are you doing anything that could get you a penalty? If you provide a link we can give...
  15. warrenpd

    Is there a Definitive way to see if you are penalized

    Thanks for the responses guys. Ive used that thread before for sure. Glad its around! Linda I'll probably shoot you a PM about. Thanks
  16. warrenpd

    Is there a Definitive way to see if you are penalized

    Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone have a definitive way to see if you have a local penalty? I had a listing drop to the second page of maps from the top 4th spot last week for a competitive keyword. Nothing was changed on the my GMB page and there aren't any NAP or duplicate issues. I...
  17. warrenpd

    Did I miss an update today?

    I noticed some changes in the DUI attorney space over the past few weeks. I use to have the main G+ page and some practitioner pages ranking in the 7 pack. Now I'm just seeing main G+ page. So I'm definitely seeing some movement.
  18. warrenpd

    What to do with business with different locations?

    It really depends on what you want to do here. The correct thing to do would be to mark them as closed. If you do that you will most likely see some negative movement in the local pack with your real locations. If you just leave them alone you face the possibility of Google finding out they are...
  19. warrenpd

    Does your presence in Google local pack have an effect on your organic ranking?

    In my experience local rankings are influenced by organic ones (pigeon update) and not vice versa. They are two very different algorithms. In a competitive market you usually have to have something ranking on the first page organically to show up in the local pack.
  20. warrenpd

    Duplicate Content on Site, G+ Description & Citations?

    re: Duplicate Content on Site, G+ Description & Citations? I have never used the same description as what is on my website but I do use the same description for almost every citation and I haven't had any problems from that.