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    Can a "Brand" page receive Google reviews?

    Here is a link that talks about converting a brand page to a local page. Google Now Allows Brand Pages to Become Google+ Local Pages - Local University
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    Clean Up Yahoo Local Mess

    I agree with Joy. I would be more concerned with the source of the bad listing data. I would start by looking for all of the listings you are aware of (good and bad) in Localeze, Infogroup, Factual and Acxiom. If you find bad listings there, you can be certain they are being populated in a...
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    Do Data Aggregators still have problems with creating duplicate pages?

    Hi Austin, Un-managed aggregator data can cause more harm than good. I don't believe that is a true statement for managed aggregator data. The extent of the problems with un-managed aggregaor data can depend on the volatility of your location data. Assuming your information is ok because you...
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    How to claim business listing for CitySearch?

    Scott, I agree that the information is obtained digitally rather than scraping the printed books. The key point is that it is often the same data set that generates the printed books. So ignoring the phone company records (which appear in print) and/or failure to audit aggregator data...
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    Goodbye 7 Packs! Only 3 Packs with No Phone # or Address for All Local Results

    It appears that Google is displaying the review summary description in the Knowledge Graph. Not all businesses have them, but they also appear on the G+ Local page. It is a shame that they would not display what the business has created. For Pizza Hut it instead of "Family-friendly chain...
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    How to claim business listing for CitySearch?

    Some of the data aggregators do use printed Yellow Pages as one of their sources of information. These listings come from telephone company business office records so they are an indicator of how companies represent their businesses in the real world. The problem is that when businesses set-up...
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    Goodbye 7 Packs! Only 3 Packs with No Phone # or Address for All Local Results

    It is disappointing that the business descriptions provided in the GMB profile are not being used in the Knowledge Graph (or anywhere else that I can find). In most cases, no business description is used. In other cases, Google is using their own description that doesn't match what is provided...
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    Images in the Local SERPs - 2 More New Google Local Displays Being Tested

    I am not seeing any local results for "lawyers Twin Cities". I checked FF, IE and Chrome. I do see the images in the Local Finder if I follow the direct link provided in a previous post.
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    New 3 Pack Click Test Study! See where potential visitors are clicking

    This is very interesting. Thanks for sharing! I am particularly interested in seeing if Google changes the Location Insights reporting in the GMB dashboard. How will they attribute the additional clicks that are required to access the address and phone number information. Will those be...
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    Where does Express Update get their data from?

    Interesting that they would use a site that they supply information to as a source for their listings. Wouldn't that create a circular reference?
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    Where does Express Update get their data from?

    Like Google, these data sources collect information from a variety of places to compile their database. It works very similar to the way David Mihm describes in this video: My guess is that when the rep mentions Yellowpages, they were referencing...
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    How to See ALL the Categories a G+ Page is Using

    As Linda mentions, this functionality has been around for a while. If the business had two or less categories, they were highlighted as a hyperlink and clicking on the category would take you to a local search of businesses in the area. If there were more than two categories for the business...
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    Google Location Insights - Sharp Increase in activity

    Has anyone else noticed a sharp increase in the key Google Location Insights metrics? We manage several multi-location programs and are seeing a marked increase in Profile Views, Photo Views, Website Clicks, Driving Direction Clicks and Phone Call Clicks across all types of businesses and...